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CHEM 0110
General Chemistry 1
CHEM 0120
General Chemistry 2
CHEM 0250
Introduction To Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 0260
Introduction To Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 0310
Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 0320
Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM 0330
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEM 0340
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM 0910
Chemical Princpl Health Professn
CHEM 1130
Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 1250
Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 1255
Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM 1275
Introduction To Chemometrics
CHEM 1311
Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 1380
Techniques Of Organic Research
CHEM 1410
Physical Chemistry 1
CHEM 1420
Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM 1430
Physical Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEM 1702
Undergraduate Research Writing
CHEM 1710
Undergraduate Research
CHEM 1720
Undergrad Teaching Experience
CHEM 1902
Directed Study
CHEM 1950
Chemistry Lab Internship 1
CHEM 1951
Chemistry Lab Internship 2
CHEM 1952
Analytical Laboratory Internship
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