INART 115 - The Popular Arts In America: Popular Music

An examination of the roots, development, and significance of popular music in our culture. INART 115 The Popular Arts in America: Popular Music (3) (GA)(BA) This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. INART 115 examines the roots, development, and significance of popular music in our culture. It covers the origin of popular music in the early nineteenth century and introduces the major genres of the art: blues, jazz, country, mainstream pop, and rock and roll. The thrust of the course is sociological and cultural rather than musicological and will trace the music's development in a historical context. The intent of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of popular music, the significance of major artists in its development, and its importance in our social and cultural history. There are three equally weighted objective tests in the course, each covering approximately one-third of the course's content. These examinations account for 75% of the semester grade (25% each). Students in INART 115 also participate in the Popular Music Forum, a semester-long examination of an important contemporary issue in popular music (censorship, copyright infringement and music piracy, music and violence, etc.) that requires research, critical thinking, the formation of objective opinions, and discussion. The Popular Music Forum is conducted online utilizing resources held on the Forum website and World Wide Web. Asynchronous online discussions on the topic will occur three times during the semester. The class will be broken into groups of fifteen students for the purpose of discussion. Participation in the Popular Music Forum will account for 25% of the semester grade. The discussion grade will be determined by the quality of participation and degree of involvement in the discussion. Class Notes: Greater Allegheny students only. (DLC Course)Permission Required. Contact your Academic Adviser for questions, then see the Campus Registrar's Office 101 Frable Building. Enrollment Requirements: To enroll for this course, you must contact the campus (non-UP course) or the department (UP course). The contact information can be found at
Bachelor of Arts: Arts United States Cultures (US) General Education: Arts (GA)
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