BA 125 - Office Ethics and Etiquette

BA 125 is a study of theoretical and practical problems of moral conduct in the field of business as it relates to the office personnel. In addition, students will prepare employment materials and investigate the interview process. Subjects include: office culture, confidentiality, diversity, communication etiquette, dining etiquette, dress code, career planning and sexual harassment. This course is required in the Office Administration program. Some sections may include a dining experience. These experiences may or may not include time spent in the community outside of class. Recommended Skills: Internet research skills, Word processing skills to complete assignments, and College-level reading ability. Class Notes: Note: Section 5909 of BA-125 has a $35.00 course fee. Enrollment Requirements: You may enroll in this course if you have (1) previously taken an online/hybrid course at GRCC, or (2) have completed the Distance Learning Orientation. If you need to complete the orientation, go to for access. BA 125 Prerequisites: English Prerequisites (see Catalog course info).
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