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BA 102
Business and Technical English II
BA 103
Introduction to Business
BA 105
BA 106
Starting a Business
BA 120
Editing and Proofreading
BA 125
Office Ethics and Etiquette
BA 130
Computer Keyboarding
BA 136
Office Document & Data Processing
BA 145
Computer Applications in Business I
BA 150
Mathematical Applications in Business
BA 153
Personal Finance
BA 156
Accounting Fundamentals
BA 160
Computerized Accounting
BA 170
Principles of Retailing
BA 172
BA 174
BA 175
Supply Chain Management
BA 180
Business Internship I
BA 181
Business Internship II
BA 183
BA 201
Business Communication
BA 204
Electronic Commerce
BA 207
Business Law I
BA 208
Business Law II
BA 209
Issues in Business Ethics
BA 236
Technology in Business
BA 241
Introduction to Project Management
BA 245
Records & Information Management
BA 247
Advanced Computer Applications in Business
BA 248
Contemporary Office Procedures
BA 254
Introduction to Statistics with Applied Models
BA 256
Principles of Accounting I
BA 257
Principles of Accounting II
BA 260
Computerized Accounting II
BA 262
Cost Accounting
BA 264
Intermediate Accounting
BA 268
Tax Accounting
BA 270
BA 272
Marketing Problems
BA 274
Production and Inventory Management
BA 276
Business Innovation
BA 282
Organizational Behavior
BA 283
Business Management
BA 284
Human Resources Management
BA 286
Small Business Management
BA 288
Introduction to International Business
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