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MBUS 502
Review of Financial Acct Conc
MBUS 520
Financial Management
MBUS 560
Accounting Analysis
MBUS 600
MBUS 610
Econ Environment of the Firm
MBUS 612
Managing People & Performance
MBUS 613
Quantitative & Stats Analysis
MBUS 614
Business Ethics
MBUS 616
Strategic Management
MBUS 624
Finance Theory and Practice
MBUS 625
Operations Theory and Practice
MBUS 626
Info Systems Theory and Pract
MBUS 627
Marketing Theory and Practice
MBUS 628
Managerial Accounting
MBUS 629
Corporate Financial Reporting
MBUS 631
Communications Management
MBUS 662
Advanced Corporate Finance
MBUS 664
Current Issues in Finance II
MBUS 665
Mergers & Acquisitions
MBUS 670
Foundations of Project Mgmt
MBUS 672
Decision Making for Managers
MBUS 674
Agile Project Management
MBUS 675
Quality Management
MBUS 680
Current Issues in Operations
MBUS 681
Current Iss in Info Systems
MBUS 682
Current Iss in Mangerial Acct
MBUS 683
Current Issues in Ethics
MBUS 684
Current Issues in Marketing
MBUS 686
Current Iss in Management
MBUS 687
Current Iss: Entrepreneurship
MBUS 688
Current Issues in Economics
MBUS 689
Current Issues in Finance
MBUS 697
MBUS 699
Social Media Marketing
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