UNXD 368 - Makerspaces and Justice

A collaboration between the Center for Social Justice and the Maker Hub, this course integrates design-thinking, experience, and reflection through a community-based making project serving individuals experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C. Together, students and faculty will practically and critically analyze the concepts of making, innovating, and doing justice. Working with the making mantra that the “freedom to fail” is a good thing, students in this course will interrogate together how the frameworks and context in which innovation projects are situated inform their ultimate success at shifting systems of injustice toward justice. Students in this course will hone practical making skills and critical reflection skills by collaborating with D.C. community members on tangible projects and processing that collaborative work. Guided by Georgetown’s missional commitments to “sustained discourse among people of difference” and educating “life-long learners” who “live generously in service to others”, this course is an ideal reflective experience for seniors looking to make meaning of their university experience and consider how they would like to practically carry forward what they have learned at Georgetown.
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