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TPST 000
Theater and Performance Studie
TPST 091
Production Practicum:Workshop
TPST 092
Production Practicum
TPST 093
Production Practicum Crew/Shop
TPST 094
Prod Pract: Costume Shop
TPST 099
Black Theatre Ensemble
TPST 105
Cross-Cultural Performance Stu
TPST 120
Acting I
TPST 121
The Art of Comm. and Pres.
TPST 125
Improvisation for Soc Change
TPST 130
Play Analysis
TPST 136
Comedy: Pol, Laughter & Satire
TPST 160
Production Techniques
TPST 165
Stage Management
TPST 170
Prin of Theatrical Design
TPST 191
Performance Lab: TPST Season
TPST 200
Adaptation/Performance of Lit
TPST 202
AutobiographicThtr: Perf Lives
TPST 220
Acting II: Scene Study/Char
TPST 226
Acting Shakespeare
TPST 240
World Theater History
TPST 250
TPST 255
Acting & Dir. For Film
TPST 271
Performance of Prague
TPST 273
Costume Design
TPST 275
Costume History:Material Cultu
TPST 277
Color Theory for Design
TPST 280
Hope Playwriting Seminar
TPST 282
Writing Stage Adaptations
TPST 291
Performing Madness
TPST 294
Experimental Theater
TPST 298
Spectacle of Eating
TPST 302
TPST 309
Performance Memory & Witness
TPST 320
Advanced Acting Workshop
TPST 326
Art Of The Monologue
TPST 331
Contemporary Political Plays
TPST 332
Contemporary Women Playwrights
TPST 346
Phys Theat: Mask, Move & Text
TPST 380
Hope Playwriting Seminar
TPST 382
Writing Stage Adaptations
TPST 410
Colloquium for TPST Majors
TPST 425
Acting Apprenticeship
TPST 433
Directed Study
TPST 461
Dir Study:Theatricl Production
TPST 475
Design Apprenticeship
TPST 482
Sr. Thesis:Writing Stg Ad'n
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