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SPAN 000
SPAN 001
Beginning Spanish
SPAN 003
Introductory Spanish I
SPAN 004
Introductory Spanish II
SPAN 006
Intro to Basque
SPAN 007
Catalan for Speaks Romance Lan
SPAN 009
Spanish for French Speakers
SPAN 011
Intensive Basic Spanish
SPAN 021
Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 022
Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 032
Intensive Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 101
Adv Span: Transatlantic I
SPAN 102
Adv Span: Transatlantic II
SPAN 103
Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 104
Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 110
Intensive Adv: Transatlantic
SPAN 111
Intensive Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 112
Intensive Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 161
Oral Review
SPAN 199
Adv Spanish:Heritage Speakers
SPAN 200
Gateway to Literature
SPAN 202
Adv Span Health Sciences
SPAN 203
Adv Spanish:Heritage Speakers
SPAN 204
Adv Span:Heritage Speakers II
SPAN 207
Topics:Spanish in the US
SPAN 209
Advanced Spanish for Business
SPAN 210
Intro to Span Linguistics
SPAN 237
Cultural Hist Span Painting
SPAN 241
SPAIN: Lit & Culture I
SPAN 242
SPAIN: Lit & Culture II
SPAN 246
Catalan Culture/Society
SPAN 261
LAT AMER: Lit & Culture I
SPAN 262
LAT AMER: Lit & Culture II
SPAN 267
Lit & Society in Lat Amer
SPAN 268
Latin American Film
SPAN 290
Lit film Music of Mex/Mex Amer
SPAN 294
Race, Gender, & Ethncity In La
SPAN 299
Living & Learning in Spanish
SPAN 313
Bilingualism: Mind and Context
SPAN 330
Spanish Phonetics
SPAN 333
Luso-Brazilian Cinema:Spanish
SPAN 336
Modern Spain
SPAN 340
Creative Writing
SPAN 341
Hispanic Cinema
SPAN 351
Graphic Novels of LATAM
SPAN 379
Garcia Marquez and Bolano
SPAN 380
CBL: Spanish in the Community
SPAN 381
US Latino Lit
SPAN 382
Lit Film Music of Mex/Mex Amer
SPAN 383
Cont. Lat. Am. Novel
SPAN 384
Adv Span:Heritage Speakers II
SPAN 387
Medieval Spanish Cinema
SPAN 389
Adv. Span for Business II
SPAN 390
The Boom and Beyond
SPAN 392
Teaching Spanish
SPAN 395
Translation As A Way Out
SPAN 396
Spanish Sociolinguistics
SPAN 397
Race & Ethnicity in Latin Amer
SPAN 398
Lit,Film,Music & Human Rights
SPAN 400
Senior Honors Thesis
SPAN 403
Early Mod Hispanic Black Atlan
SPAN 406
Intro to Critical Theory
SPAN 407
Medieval Cinema
SPAN 421
Brazilian Cinema (In Spanish)
SPAN 427
Hist of Span Language
SPAN 431
Semantics & Pragmatics I
SPAN 436
Colonial/Post Col Visions
SPAN 440
Borges and His Followers
SPAN 456
Survey of Brazilian Literature
SPAN 457
Culture and Spectacles
SPAN 459
Ecocriticism In Hispanic World
SPAN 472
Cervantes & His World
SPAN 473
Explring Brderlnds:Cultrl Frnt
SPAN 475
Travel Literature:Self & Other
SPAN 477
Sensory Worlds: Medieval Lit
SPAN 487
Lit, Film, & Musc of CENT AM
SPAN 492
Asian&African Lit in Spanish
SPAN 494
Senior Capstone
SPAN 495
Problems of Contemp Democracy
SPAN 496
SPAN 497
Cult & Pol of Sound LA/Spain
SPAN 499
World Spanishes
SPAN 500
Spanish Methodology
SPAN 501
Spanish and Social Meaning
SPAN 509
Instructed SLA
SPAN 511
Spanish Phonology I
SPAN 512
Spanish Phonology II
SPAN 527
Generative Syntax I
SPAN 528
Generative Syntax II
SPAN 531
Semantics & Pragmatics I
SPAN 532
Semantics & Pragmatics II
SPAN 535
Hist & Ethnog Imagination
SPAN 538
Exploring Ethnographic Writing
SPAN 551
Post-War Spanish Novel
SPAN 598
SPAN 716
Phonological Development
SPAN 750
SEM: Conditionals
SPAN 902
Tutorial: Spanish
SPAN 991
Continuous Registration
SPAN 992
Continuous Registration
SPAN 993
Continuous Registration
SPAN 994
Continuous Registration
SPAN 999
Thesis Research
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