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PPOL 000
Public Policy
PPOL 490
International Public Health
PPOL 492
The Development Incubator
PPOL 499
Faith, Race, And Public Life
PPOL 501
Stat Meth for Policy Analysis
PPOL 502
Reg. Meth. for Policy Analysis
PPOL 503
Adv Regression/Prog Eval Meth
PPOL 506
Intermediate Microeconomics
PPOL 507
Microecon II:Mkt Fail Pub Econ
PPOL 510
Public Policy Process
PPOL 511
Comparative Policy Process
PPOL 514
Public Management
PPOL 515
Comparative Public Management
PPOL 518
Ethics/Values/Public Policy
PPOL 519
Ethics in A Globalized World
PPOL 526
Policy Analysis:Client Capston
PPOL 527
Plcy Anlys:Clnt Basd Capstn II
PPOL 528
Thesis Workshop
PPOL 529
Thesis Workshop II
PPOL 531
Statistical Methods for Develo
PPOL 532
Reg. Meth for Development
PPOL 533
Impact Evaluation for Developm
PPOL 536
Intermediate Micro for Develop
PPOL 537
Public Finance for Development
PPOL 540
Social/Economic Development
PPOL 541
Sustainable Development
PPOL 542
Pol Econ in Developing Cntries
PPOL 545
Mgmt & Ldrshp:Dev Countries
PPOL 546
Ethical Issues in Development
PPOL 548
MIDP Capstone 1
PPOL 549
MIDP Capstone II
PPOL 552
Research Methods
PPOL 556
Econ Analysis for Public Polic
PPOL 558
Mgmt of Program Evaluation
PPOL 559
Advanced Policy Mgmt Project
PPOL 560
Accelerated Stat For Pub Pol I
PPOL 561
Accelerated Stat for PubPol II
PPOL 563
Data Visualization for Data Sc
PPOL 564
Data Science I: Foundations
PPOL 566
Data Science III: Adv Mod Tec
PPOL 600
The Press & The Presidency
PPOL 601
Issues:Sexuality Law & Policy
PPOL 602
US Education/Policy&Civ Rights
PPOL 603
Campaign Mgmt:An Insiders View
PPOL 604
Policy/Politics of Entitlement
PPOL 605
Making Climate Policy In U.S.
PPOL 606
Children and the Law
PPOL 608
Asian Economic Development
PPOL 609
Urban Law & Policy
PPOL 610
Amer Edu: Inst & Inequality
PPOL 611
War on Drugs:Causes Conseq&Alt
PPOL 612
Federalism/Intergovmntl Rel US
PPOL 613
Envir & Climate Change Econ
PPOL 614
Federal Budget Process
PPOL 615
Public-Private Partnerships
PPOL 617
Prog &Policies:US Labor Market
PPOL 618
Latin American Inequality
PPOL 619
Income Inequality in the US
PPOL 620
Social Mobility/Inequality
PPOL 622
Methods of Policy Analysis
PPOL 623
Public Policy in the Priv Sect
PPOL 625
Urban Inequality
PPOL 631
Policy Iss:CSR & Impact Invest
PPOL 632
Strat Advocacy: Lobby/Intst Gr
PPOL 633
Women and Leadership
PPOL 636
The Geopolitics of Energy
PPOL 637
Comp Politics & Policy: Energy
PPOL 639
Strategy & Public Policy
PPOL 640
Hlth Care Qual: Rec Pol Issues
PPOL 642
Health Policy & Politics
PPOL 643
Health Care Access:Demand Issu
PPOL 644
Health Care Supply
PPOL 645
Adv Topics in Micro & Macro
PPOL 646
Data Visualization
PPOL 647
Intrnl Social Devt Policy
PPOL 648
Comm in Today's PPOL World
PPOL 649
PPOL 650
Behavioral Econ & Dev Policy
PPOL 653
Public Advocacy & Soc Change
PPOL 656
Community Development Policy
PPOL 657
Policy Politics & the Media
PPOL 658
Growth Diagnostics & Dev Strat
PPOL 659
Understndg Black America &PPOL
PPOL 660
American State Legislatures
PPOL 661
Genomics, Precision Med & PPOL
PPOL 663
Public Leadership
PPOL 664
Tax Policy
PPOL 666
RacialJustice in K-12 EdPolicy
PPOL 667
War& Diplomacy:Politics&Policy
PPOL 668
Cost-Benefit Analysis
PPOL 669
Poverty &the Social Safety Net
PPOL 670
Intro to Data Science
PPOL 671
Global Population Prspct/Chlng
PPOL 672
Topics:Post-Secondary Educatn
PPOL 673
U.S. Defense Policy Making
PPOL 674
Natural Resources & Energy Pol
PPOL 675
Political Econ: Dev Countries
PPOL 676
International Financial Instit
PPOL 677
Intl Trade Policy&Negotiations
PPOL 678
Money&Fin Dev/Globalized World
PPOL 680
Risk Management
PPOL 681
BRICS & The Global Economy
PPOL 683
GIS&Spatial Data Modeling-PPOL
PPOL 685
History of Development
PPOL 687
Environment/Regulation Policy
PPOL 688
Homeland Security
PPOL 690
Org Change/Mgmt Strategies
PPOL 691
Multilateral Development Banks
PPOL 692
Capacity Bldg&Counterterrorism
PPOL 693
Monitoring & Eval in Develpmnt
PPOL 694
Cyber Conflict & Nat Sec Pol
PPOL 695
Congressional Politics & Polic
PPOL 696
Survey Research Methods
PPOL 697
Natl Sec Pol: Strat/Dec Making
PPOL 699
Philanthropy & Racial Justice
PPOL 703
Political Econ of Frgn Aid
PPOL 706
Qualitative Research Methods
PPOL 708
Topics:Edu/Employment Policy
PPOL 711
Sustainable Development
PPOL 737
Game Theory & Public Policy
PPOL 739
Soc Entrepreneurship & Innov
PPOL 740
Relational Database Sys & SQL
PPOL 742
Intl Worker Rights & Dev
PPOL 744
Behavioral Economics
PPOL 745
US Immigration Policy
PPOL 748
PPOL 754
Advanced Applied Econometrics
PPOL 761
Political Polling
PPOL 762
The Policy Issues of Big Data
PPOL 767
NGOs, Firms & Think Tanks
PPOL 780
Economic Complexity
PPOL 786
Innovation & Public Policy
PPOL 787
Speechwriting for PublicPolicy
PPOL 788
Lead/Prob Solving Digital Age
PPOL 790
Washington & Wall Street
PPOL 791
Politics as a Contact Sport
PPOL 792
Emergency & Disaster MGMT
PPOL 795
Effective People Mgmt in Govt
PPOL 801
Presentation Skills:Policy Mak
PPOL 803
Global Policy: Costa Rica
PPOL 850
Lab: AI, Adaption & Pol Innov
PPOL 851
Policy Lab: Social Justice
PPOL 910
PPOL Internship
PPOL 911
PPOL Internship II
PPOL 991
Continuous Registration
PPOL 992
Continuous Registration
PPOL 993
Continuous Registration
PPOL 994
Continuous Registration
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