PERS 364 - Iranian Cinema & Culture

Iranian Culture and Cinema is designed for high intermediate and advanced level students and will be taught in the Persian language. This course will introduce students to the variety of complex cultural themes found in post-revolutionary Iranian cinema. The instructor will facilitate analytical and in-depth discussions regarding cultural themes such as, symbolism, stereotypes, art, as well as political and social criticism. The class will view and analyze films from six well known Iranian directors. Students are expected to critically analyze, interpret, and participate in discussion for each assigned film.
Core: Diversity/Global, SFS/CULP Humanities, SFS/RCST Middle East, SFS/RCST Russia/Eastern Europe, Core:HALC - Hum, Art, Lit, Cul, College/SFS/REWA Area 3, X-List: CPLT, X-List: FMST
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