PERS 010 - Persian for Arabic Speakers II

This course is the second part of a two-semester, non-intensive introduction to Persian for students who read and write Arabic with ease. Offered as an alternative to Intensive 1st Level Persian II (PERS 012), this course is ideal for students seeking to cover a similar amount of content in fewer credits, and counts equally towards the Persian minor. Conducted entirely in Persian with a heavy focus on communicative language skills, the class centers around various aspects of history, culture, and current events. Special reference will be made to the many ways in which students' knowledge of Arabic will facilitate the acquisition of Persian (through loanwords, expressions, certain grammatical structures, etc.), all while emphasizing those areas in which the two languages diverge, such as differences in pronunciation, separate writing conventions, and false cognates. Taking advantage of students' advanced literacy in Arabic script, the non-intensive Persian for Arabic Speakers sequence is intended to bring students to the intermediate level in only half the number of credits as Intensive 1st Level Persian I and II.
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