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PBPM 000
Post Baccalaureate-Pre Medical
PBPM 001
General Chemistry Lecture I
PBPM 002
General Chemistry Lecture II
PBPM 009
General Chemistry Lab I
PBPM 010
General Chemistry Lab II
PBPM 029
Calculus with Review
PBPM 035
Calculus I
PBPM 036
Calculus II
PBPM 040
Probability and Statistics
PBPM 100
General Psychology
PBPM 101
Principles of Physics I
PBPM 102
Principles of Physics II
PBPM 103
Foundations in Biology I
PBPM 104
Foundations in Biology II
PBPM 113
Foundations of Biology Lab
PBPM 114
Foundations of Biology II LAB
PBPM 115
Organic Chemistry Lecture I
PBPM 116
Organic Chemistry Lecture II
PBPM 117
Organic Chemistry Lab I
PBPM 118
Organic Chemistry Lab II
PBPM 151
Biological Chemistry
PBPM 152
PBPM 175
Mammalian Physiology
PBPM 195
Gateway: Neurobiology
PBPM 201
Research Methods & Statistics
PBPM 202
Human Biology II
PBPM 203
Sem:Inquiry into Found of Bio
PBPM 212
Nutrition/Disease Prevention
PBPM 230
Seminar in Emergency Medicine
PBPM 280
Biochem & Molec/Cell:Hlth &Dis
PBPM 358
PBPM 363
Cell Biology
PBPM 364
PBPM 370
PBPM 377
PBPM 379
Genomics & Bioinformatics
PBPM 384
Epidemiology & Public Health
PBPM 414
Gender, Health & Development
PBPM 419
Biochemistry I
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