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MUSC 000
MUSC 041
Elements of Music; Theory I
MUSC 100
Concert Choir
MUSC 101
Concert Choir
MUSC 114
Music Culture:Euro Trad
MUSC 115
Music in Multicultural World
MUSC 116
Jazz History
MUSC 117
Rock History
MUSC 141
Advanced Harmony: Theory 2
MUSC 161
Writing About Music
MUSC 200
Live Music in Context
MUSC 243
Composition Seminar
MUSC 245
Intro To Ethnomusicology
MUSC 250
Recording Arts I
MUSC 260
Intro to Music & Film
MUSC 265
Music And Television
MUSC 270
The Music Documentary
MUSC 301
Tutorial: Musc
MUSC 302
Tutorial: Music
MUSC 324
CBL: Music in US Prisons
MUSC 328
Beethoven Seminar
MUSC 330
Opera History
MUSC 332
Music in the Classical Period
MUSC 334
Music in the Romantic Period
MUSC 344
Conducting & Score Reading
MUSC 350
Recording Arts II
MUSC 355
The Art of DJing: Mix to Remix
MUSC 361
MUSC 410
Directed Study: Music History
MUSC 460
Performance Project
MUSC 461
Music Industry Seminar
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