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MSFS 000
M.S. in Foreign Service Prog
MSFS 500
Ethics and Decision Making
MSFS 501
Principled Leadership
MSFS 507
Globalizatn:Intersocietal Rel
MSFS 510
Intl Relatns Theory & Practice
MSFS 512
Development Orthodoxies
MSFS 513
Econ Dev Theory, Evidence&Pol
MSFS 515
Fndns of Corporate Finance
MSFS 518
Investment in Emerging Markets
MSFS 521
Applied Public Finance
MSFS 526
Intrnl Mediation:Strat/Meth
MSFS 527
Analytical/Statistical Skills
MSFS 531
Global Power& Governance Today
MSFS 534
Global Institutions:UN& Beyond
MSFS 535
Intl Trade & Econ Diplomacy
MSFS 537
Practical Evaluation
MSFS 543
Business/Human Rights/Internet
MSFS 549
Petroleum in Global Econ
MSFS 550
NATO-Russia: A New Cold War?
MSFS 554
Nat & Int'l Security Studies
MSFS 556
Cybersecurity: Bus/Gov/Int Com
MSFS 557
Nuclear Weapons & Intl/Reg Sec
MSFS 559
Politics and Sports
MSFS 562
Public Diplomacy
MSFS 565
NATO: Are Alliances Needed?
MSFS 570
Navigating Global Landscapes
MSFS 575
Political Risk Assessment
MSFS 576
Iraq/Syria: Age of Revolution
MSFS 577
ECON Diplomacy/Trade Promotion
MSFS 581
Corp Resp, Bus & Society
MSFS 582
Identity & Conflict
MSFS 585
Trade Law & Policy Practicum
MSFS 587
Impact Analysis
MSFS 590
Post-Conflict Sec Gov&Invstmnt
MSFS 596
Organizational Behavior
MSFS 600
Ethics & Decision Making
MSFS 601
Chllng in Natl Sec Decisionmkg
MSFS 602
Strat Forecasting & Pol Risk
MSFS 603
Democracy in the World
MSFS 604
Climate Policy & Diplomacy
MSFS 605
Intelligence&National Security
MSFS 607
Telling Stories with Data
MSFS 610
US&China:Decisions onWar&Peace
MSFS 611
Geographic Information Systems
MSFS 613
Comparative Regional Econ Devt
MSFS 616
Diplomatic/Military Statecraft
MSFS 619
The Rise of Autocracies
MSFS 621
Intern Project Finance
MSFS 622
Financing Social Impact
MSFS 623
Intrnl Negotiation
MSFS 626
Nuclear Sec in Current Admin
MSFS 628
Demcrtztn & Govrnnce in Africa
MSFS 638
Conflict Mgmt & Intrl Security
MSFS 645
Forecasting Global Trends
MSFS 646
Media & World Affairs
MSFS 648
Fragile States in Africa
MSFS 650
Global Bus & Public Pol Pract
MSFS 651
Financial Inclusion
MSFS 652
PPPs for Social Development
MSFS 655
International Law
MSFS 657
Good Governance/Capable States
MSFS 659
Intro to Internet Policy
MSFS 662
Econometrics for Policy-Makers
MSFS 670
Priv Equity Frontier Markets
MSFS 673
Game Theory for Policymakers
MSFS 679
Finl Reg/Reform Devt Countries
MSFS 688
Human Rghts in Age of Modn War
MSFS 695
Corporate Diplomacy
MSFS 700
Policy Analysis
MSFS 706
Country Dev Sub-Saharan Africa
MSFS 707
Women, Peace and Security
MSFS 708
Diversity& Inclusion in CR/Dev
MSFS 709
MSFS 710
Country Development Strategies
MSFS 711
Dev & Religious Institutions
MSFS 713
Public Comm & Natl Security
MSFS 715
US Decision Making
MSFS 716
Emotional Intelligence
MSFS 717
Creating 21st Cent Diplomacy
MSFS 718
The Future of Diplomacy
MSFS 719
Bus & Dev in Fragile States
MSFS 721
Public Policy & Financial Reg
MSFS 725
Pvt Capital Flows into African
MSFS 728
Behavioral Sci for Development
MSFS 730
Engaging Change: MENA
MSFS 733
Human Rights Policy Lab
MSFS 735
Global Finance
MSFS 740
Strategy/Mgmt Prblm Sol
MSFS 741
Jobs, Workers and Development
MSFS 743
New World Borders/Internet Gov
MSFS 745
Lean Tech Design for Int'l Dev
MSFS 747
Business of Development
MSFS 749
Emerging Tech Policy
MSFS 903
Tutorial: Foreign Service
MSFS 904
MSFS 991
Continuous Registration
MSFS 992
Continuous Registration
MSFS 993
Continuous Registration
MSFS 994
Continuous Registration
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