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MPTM 500
Ethics in Technology Mgmt
MPTM 520
Agile Project Management Funda
MPTM 600
Managing Technology
MPTM 620
Project Management
MPTM 622
Mangng Diverse Org in Flat Wld
MPTM 623
Technology Entrepreneurship
MPTM 624
Advanced Federal IT Consulting
MPTM 625
Leadership Perspectives in PM
MPTM 626
Ethical Leadership
MPTM 630
Marktng of Tech Prodcts &Srvcs
MPTM 632
Enterprise Modernization
MPTM 642
Human-Computer Interaction
MPTM 643
Database Design & Management
MPTM 650
Bus. Int, Big Data & Analysis
MPTM 652
Information Security
MPTM 653
Crafting a Mobile Strategy
MPTM 656
Cloud Computing & Virtual Data
MPTM 660
Intro. to Cyber Law and Policy
MPTM 661
Info Assurnce & Risk Assessmnt
MPTM 662
Cryptography &Network Security
MPTM 663
Cyber Threats &Vulnerabilities
MPTM 680
Tech Mgmt for Intl Deveopment
MPTM 700
Systems Requirements
MPTM 740
Lean & Agile w/Scrum & Kanban
MPTM 800
Finc Analysis: Tech Managers
MPTM 900
Capstone Course
MPTM 902
Tutorial: MPTM
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