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MPRE 000
Prof Studies Real Estate
MPRE 500
Ethics in Action
MPRE 510
Real Estate Fundamentals
MPRE 600
Deal Lab
MPRE 601
Foundations of Real Estate Law
MPRE 606
Internships in Real Estate
MPRE 621
Found of Real Estate Finance
MPRE 631
Found of Real Estate Markets
MPRE 641
Found of Real Estate Accting
MPRE 700
RE Devel: Art and Science
MPRE 702
Dev & Const Project Management
MPRE 708
Feasibility and Valuation
MPRE 710
MPRE 712
Alternative Assets
MPRE 713
Why Architecture Matters
MPRE 714
Multifamily&Affordable Housing
MPRE 717
Real Estate Investment Trusts
MPRE 720
Due Diligence
MPRE 723
Urban Real Estate Development
MPRE 724
Real Estate Entrepreneurship
MPRE 728
Private Equity
MPRE 732
Real Estate & Urban Economics
MPRE 735
Structured Finance
MPRE 736
Real Estate Portfolio MGMT
MPRE 742
Taxation & RE: The Ins & Outs
MPRE 750
Construction Management
MPRE 752
Sustainable Dev & Construction
MPRE 774
Global RE Transactions
MPRE 775
Impact of Globalization on RE
MPRE 784
Exploring Opportunities in Eur
MPRE 786
Real Estate Investments
MPRE 802
MPRE 803
Urban Development Practicum
MPRE 901
Real Estate Independent Study
MPRE 950
Real Estate Capstone
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