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MPJO 000
Prof Studies Journalism
MPJO 500
Ethics in Journalism
MPJO 501
Reporting and News Writing
MPJO 505
Digital Essentls for Journlsts
MPJO 506
Digital Analytics
MPJO 508
Photo & Video Storytelling
MPJO 510
Studio Reporting
MPJO 560
Strt Career Planning & Mgmt
MPJO 631
Sourcing & Interview Tech.
MPJO 650
Culture Reporting
MPJO 682
MPJO 701
Feature Reporting
MPJO 711
Money & Media
MPJO 723
Audio Storytelling
MPJO 756
Advanced Beat Reporting
MPJO 761
Entertainment Reporting
MPJO 776
Data Visualization
MPJO 778
Visual Communications
MPJO 779
Web Development for Media
MPJO 786
Entrepreneurial Journalism
MPJO 795
Investigative Reporting
MPJO 841
Media Relations
MPJO 854
Political Reporting
MPJO 860
MPS Journalism Internship
MPJO 861
Journalism Internship II
MPJO 885
Speech Writing
MPJO 891
Personal Branding
MPJO 900
MPS Journalism Capstone
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