MPHR 805 - Cnsltng Skills in Human Cap

As internal Human Resource professionals learn to attain the balance between tactics and strategy, they will increasingly be called on to serve as consultants. External Human Capital Consulting is one of the fastest growing segments of the Professional Services Industry. This course provides students interested in either career with a blend of concepts and practice needed to build solid consulting skills. Emphasis is placed on understanding the nature of consulting, while also scoping and delivering consulting. In addition, students will be taught how to understand the dynamics of organizational culture, relationships and organizational life. Through a series of case studies, students will learn the practical skills needed in designing, facilitating and developing practical skills in consulting. To demonstrate their understanding of consulting skills concepts and their practical application, students will be required to participate in a project simulation involving the development of a client engagement and recommending Human Capital (HC) consulting services for that client. Its purpose is to improve your consulting skills through the simulated performance of a consulting assignment.
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