MPHR 510 - Employment Relations & Law

This course focuses on one of the core competency areas that are essential for effectively working in Human Resources (HR). The critical role of HR practitioners in employee and labor relations is the primary topic. They must apply legal and practical approaches to building positive employee/labor relations and solving related problems. HR practitioners should be involved early and often, continually scanning the workplace and championing pro-active problem-solving before and when symptoms of problems appear. Students will be provided with the basic skill-set and framework, and through the use of readings, research, lectures, group presentations and real-world case studies, students will build their knowledge of concepts and issues relating to employee/labor relations and law. These issues include advising managers, building collaboration and engaging employees, protecting employee, management and union rights, dispute resolution, dealing with misconduct, discrimination and harassment, disciplinary action, managing and acting on performance, labor issues, workplace violence, judicial proceedings and other matters.
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