MLSC 311 - MSL 401 Adaptive Ldrship

Purpose and Methodology: The senior year (MSIV) in Army ROTC is considered the “Cadet to Lieutenant” transition period. Cadets have the responsibilities of filling command and staff leadership positions to mentor the undergraduate Cadet Corps, plan and execute Field Training Exercises (FTXs), and coordinating other fund-raising events and extracurricular activities. Cadets will meet course criteria for grades as presented below, and will participate and be evaluated, for commissioning credit, in physical training. Though all Army ROTC courses are open for enrollment to all academically qualified Georgetown students and qualified students enrolled in any participating consortium university, students who enroll in MLSC 251 must have junior or senior standing in their major and have some background in management, leadership, or the military. MLSC 251 is not designed as an introductory course. In this course, we will study Military Leadership and selfless service through readings, written assignments, lectures, visiting speakers, current events, briefings, films and discussions. We will concentrate on leadership / combat leadership and preparation to become lieutenant’s competent and confident to successfully lead Soldiers. Prerequisite: MLSC 211 and 212 or permission of instructor. Fall.
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