MICB 705 - Science Diplomacy&World Health

Science diplomacy is the use of scientific collaboration among various countries to address common problems and to build constructive international partnerships and policies. With greater globalization in business and other activities, public health concerns have become more urgent. Implementing appropriate policies and distributing accurate information on emerging diseases, health hazards, and health related terrorist threats are an eminent goal for health policy experts. In this seminar course, students will establish 1) a fundamental understanding of science policy and diplomacy by learning key components such as principles of bioethics, technology transfers, science literacy, funding merits for basic and applied research, and biomedical ethics; 2) an understanding of the practical development and application of science policy by examining how science policies are drafted and implemented by Congress 3) a knowledge of recent emerging diseases and other public health concerns including radiation effects as will be presented by the instructor or guest speakers who are leading experts in the fields. A thorough understanding of science is the crucial component for policy makers and those who are involved in preparing policies. By the end of the course, students will be able to draft policies for science diplomacy in order to address current emerging infectious diseases as well as other global health concerns.
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