MICB 526 - Chemical Threat Agent

Chemical Threat Agents offers a broad view of chemical weapons issues. The course will also cover riot control agents, explosives, and toxic agents. Students will review the key institutions, individuals, and international instruments involved in the science, policy, and use of chemical agents. Student progress will be evaluated by a midterm examination, a short paper and presentation, and participation in role playing games. Prior experience with chemistry is not necessary. Topics include: 1. What is a chemical weapon? Why should we care? What is asymmetric warfare? 2. The Chemical Weapons Convention 3. CW Agents – nomenclature and chemistry 4. Small Scale Chemical Equipment Chemical Plants – what they do, how they do it, mobilization, and threats to their security 5. Dual Use – pharmaceuticals and pesticides, illegal potato chips exercise 6. Physiology 101 – the effects of CW agents by class 7. Troop Protection 8. Building Protection 9. Conventional Explosives 10. Related issues: visas, deemed exports, etc. 11. Weaponizing Chemicals – goals of terrorists Weaponizing Chemicals – goals of State parties (munitions, delivery, stockpiling, security) 12. Special topics: Foreign Threats and the Changing CW Landscape
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