MICB 524 - Emerging&Re-emerging Inf Disea

This course will provide a multidisciplinary introduction to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. The course will begin with an introduction to a set of core definitions including; factors of emergence and re-emergence and approaches to detection and prevention. The course will then review and analyze the evolving response structures at the Global level with a focus on international frameworks for addressing biological threats in humans and animals. There will be a special focus on the United States Government (USG) response apparatus. Moving into the second component of the course, we will review the basics of pathogenesis, the immunologic response and how these relate to analysis of epidemiologic curves. The third component will provide a high-level overview of clinical trials, product development, and how these intersect during disease outbreak emergencies. To complete the course, we will review specific case studies, including several cases designed to explore comparing differences in disease recognition and response. At the completion of the course, students will understand the multidisciplinary dimensions that contribute to both the emergence and the mitigation of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. This course will feature lectures from Rebecca Kats, PhD, MPH (Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology) and Guest Lecturers..
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