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MICB 515
Microbio of Biologcl Thrt Agts
MICB 516
Biol Rad Safety
MICB 517
MICB 520
MICB 524
Emerging&Re-emerging Inf Disea
MICB 525
Homeland Security
MICB 526
Chemical Threat Agent
MICB 549
Infectious Disease & Conflict
MICB 550
Bioterrorism:Related Diseases
MICB 551
Biohaz Threat Agnts/Emer Inf D
MICB 560
Princ & Appl of Drug Discovery
MICB 577
Defnse Threat Reductn Initiatv
MICB 589
Environmental Health & Policy
MICB 590
Animal & One Health: GHS
MICB 599
Survey of International Policy
MICB 603
Sci/Tech in Global Arena:Biome
MICB 606
Public Policy for Scientists
MICB 608
Fund of Med Immuno/Microbio
MICB 612
MICB 614
Bacteriology & Mycology
MICB 619
Biology/Biochem of Viruses
MICB 622
Adv Techniques in Microbiol I
MICB 623
Internship Experience
MICB 629
Mech of Microbial Pathogenesis
MICB 660
Concepts of Immunotherapy
MICB 701
Legal Found:Regulatory Process
MICB 702
Regulatory Sci & Public Health
MICB 703
Adv Reg Science & Public Hlth
MICB 705
Science Diplomacy&World Health
MICB 708
Immunogenetics in Health & Dis
MICB 800
Globl Infectious Dis:Int Pers
MICB 801
Sem:Global Infectious Diseases
MICB 803
MICB 805
Emerging Biotechnologies
MICB 852
Sem: Microbiol/Immunology Fall
MICB 853
Sem:Microbiol/Immunology Sprng
MICB 900
MICB 902
Tutorial: Microbiology
MICB 986
MICB Lab Rotation Fall
MICB 987
MICB Lab Rotation Spring
MICB 991
Continuous Registration
MICB 992
Continuous Registration
MICB 993
Continuous Registration
MICB 994
Continous Registration
MICB 999
Thesis Research
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