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LAWG 000
SJD Continuing Full-Time Reg
LAWG 005
Intro to Criminal Justice
LAWG 014
Current Issues in Transnational (Private) Law Seminar
LAWG 025
Administrative Law
LAWG 029
Advanced Environmental Law: Climate Change (Project-Based Pr...
LAWG 030
Asian Law and Policy Studies Seminar
LAWG 037
Immigration Law and Policy
LAWG 038
Antitrust Economics and Law
LAWG 045
Law in Multicultural Societies
LAWG 050
Aviation Law
LAWG 054
Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
LAWG 056
Biotechnology and Patent Law Seminar
LAWG 058
Business Planning Seminar
LAWG 063
Issues in Disarmament: Proliferation and Terrorism Seminar
LAWG 065
Alternative, Complementary, and Integrative Medicine, the Le...
LAWG 067
Topics in Electronic Discovery
LAWG 068
Global Revolutions, Civic Activism, and Civil Society
LAWG 070
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions and Payment Systems
LAWG 076
International Migration and Development
LAWG 079
Comparative Law: Focus on EU and US
LAWG 089
Constitutional Aspects of Foreign Affairs Seminar
LAWG 091
Comparative Constitutional Law
LAWG 096
Education Law
LAWG 104
Behavioral Law and Economics Seminar
LAWG 110
Copyright Law
LAWG 113
Corporate Governance Seminar
LAWG 114
Corporate Finance
LAWG 121
LAWG 127
Advocacy Tools for Public Interest Lawyers
LAWG 139
Economic Reasoning and the Law Seminar
LAWG 142
Energy Problems Seminar: Climate Change and Other Energy Iss...
LAWG 145
International Environmental and Natural Resources Law
LAWG 146
Environmental Law
LAWG 160
Drafting Contracts
LAWG 166
International Efforts to Combat Corruption Seminar
LAWG 178
Federal Courts and the Federal System
LAWG 191
International Labor and Employment Law
LAWG 193
Federal Regulation of Financial Institutions
LAWG 195
Election Law: Voting, Campaigning and the Law
LAWG 197
International Finance and Regulation
LAWG 199
Law and Regulation of Drugs, Biologics and Devices
LAWG 200
Communications Law: Law and Policy in the Internet Age
LAWG 202
Government Contracts
LAWG 206
Health Law and Policy
LAWG 215
Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights and Liberties
LAWG 216
Historic Preservation Seminar
LAWG 223
Insurance Law: Litigation and Regulation
LAWG 226
Intellectual Property in World Trade
LAWG 227
International Human Rights
LAWG 230
International and Comparative Law on Women's Human Rights
LAWG 233
Intellectual Property and Medicines
LAWG 235
International Law I: Introduction to International Law
LAWG 240
International Negotiations Seminar
LAWG 244
International Trade Law
LAWG 254
Japan/US Comparative Legal Study
LAWG 260
Research Skills in International and Comparative Law
LAWG 267
Law of Cyberspace
LAWG 271
Finance of Real and Personal Property
LAWG 272
Land Use Law
LAWG 275
Medical Judgment, Morals, and Law Seminar
LAWG 289
Law & Literature Seminar
LAWG 309
Congressional Investigations Seminar
LAWG 311
Higher Education and the Law Seminar
LAWG 317
Negotiations Seminar
LAWG 324
Maritime Law
LAWG 329
Natural Resources Law
LAWG 331
Nationalisms, States, & Cultural Identities Seminar
LAWG 332
Patent Law
LAWG 333
Patent Licensing Seminar
LAWG 342
Information Privacy Law
LAWG 362
Taxation of Partnerships
LAWG 364
Public Health Law and Ethics
LAWG 369
AIDS Law and Ethics Seminar
LAWG 370
Human Rights at the Intersection of Trade and Corporate Resp...
LAWG 373
Seminar on Humanitarian Crises
LAWG 379
Commercial Law: Sales and Leases
LAWG 381
Advanced Studies in Federal Securities Regulation: Policy an...
LAWG 382
Roman Law
LAWG 387
Patent Prosecution Practice and Strategy
LAWG 394
Jury Trials in America: Understanding and Practicing Before...
LAWG 396
Securities Regulation
LAWG 401
Structuring Private Equity Transactions
LAWG 403
Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice
LAWG 406
Space Law Seminar
LAWG 414
Israel/Palestine Conflict: Legal Issues Seminar
LAWG 415
Strategic Intelligence and Public Policy Seminar
LAWG 416
International Courts and Tribunals: Theory and Practice
LAWG 417
Sports Law
LAWG 419
Governance of Nonprofit Organizations
LAWG 421
Federal Income Taxation
LAWG 422
Corporate Taxation
LAWG 433
Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
LAWG 434
Mergers and Acquisitions
LAWG 440
Refugee Law and Policy
LAWG 448
Advanced Antitrust Economics and Law Seminar
LAWG 455
Federal White Collar Crime
LAWG 458
Contract Law Seminar: Franchising
LAWG 459
Deals: The Economics of Structuring Transactions
LAWG 462
EU Law: Selected Topics in ECJ Jurisprudence
LAWG 483
Advanced Issues in International Human Rights Seminar
LAWG 487
EU Tax Law
LAWG 493
Global Health Law
LAWG 496
The Mind and the Law
LAWG 509
International Tax
LAWG 534
Access to Health Care and Coverage: Law and Policy
LAWG 545
Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy
LAWG 565
Globalization, Work, and Inequality Seminar
LAWG 593
National and Global Health Law: O'Neill Colloquium
LAWG 594
Global Health Law: An Intensive, Problem-Based Exploration
LAWG 622
Consumer Finance
LAWG 635
Federal Money: Policymaking and Budget Rules
LAWG 656
Entrepreneurship and the Law: Evaluating Client Business Pla...
LAWG 665
Wintercourse: Comparative Tax Law
LAWG 672
War Crimes, Terrorism and International Criminal Procedure
LAWG 673
International Trade and Investment Litigation and Strategy
LAWG 676
Investor-State Dispute Resolution
LAWG 681
Advanced Online Legal Research
LAWG 682
Presentation Skills for Lawyers
LAWG 690
Geneva HEID
LAWG 700
Takeovers, Mergers, and Acquisitions
LAWG 701
Law, Politics, and Policy in WTO & US Trade Law
LAWG 702
Advanced Partnership Taxation
LAWG 708
International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights, & Public...
LAWG 710
Advanced International Taxation
LAWG 712
Rethinking Securities Regulations & the Role of the SEC
LAWG 721
Law, Society, and Culture
LAWG 722
Federal Limitations on State and Local Taxation
LAWG 726
Global Competition Law& Policy
LAWG 730
Introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law
LAWG 736
Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions Seminar
LAWG 741
Pre-Negotiation Strategies for Cross-Border Transactions
LAWG 743
Transfer Pricing: Selected Topics
LAWG 750
Global Securities Offerings
LAWG 752
Federal Taxation of Financial Institutions
LAWG 754
Epidemiology for Lawyers
LAWG 755
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Law & Policy
LAWG 756
U.S. International Outbound Tax
LAWG 757
Comparative Tax Law
LAWG 760
SEC Reg Finl Insts & Secs Mkts
LAWG 761
International Law, Human Rights & Fighting Impunity
LAWG 763
U.S. Income Tax: Policies and Practices
LAWG 765
Federal Taxation of Bankruptcy and Workouts
LAWG 766
Transitional Justice: Theory and Practice
LAWG 769
Evolution of Financial Services Regulation
LAWG 772
S Corporation and LLC Taxation
LAWG 773
Initial Public Offerings
LAWG 775
Special Topics in State and Local Taxation
LAWG 780
U.S. and International Customs Law
LAWG 784
Tax Planning for Corporate Acquisitions Seminar
LAWG 790
International Criminal Law
LAWG 795
Off-Campus Law Program
LAWG 798
International Telecommunications Policy and Regulation
LAWG 802
International Assistance for Global Health
LAWG 804
Financial Reporting and Accounting
LAWG 807
Cross-Border Transactions in Latin America
LAWG 808
Taxation of Property Transactions
LAWG 809
Tax Research & Writing
LAWG 814
International Human Rights Law
LAWG 816
European Union Law: Foundations and International Reach
LAWG 820
International Protection of Intellectual Property Through th...
LAWG 822
Consolidated Returns
LAWG 824
State and Local Taxation: Business Taxes Other Than Income-B...
LAWG 825
Estate Planning: Special Topics in Transfer Tax
LAWG 828
Comparative Corporate Governance
LAWG 830
Disclosure Under the Federal Securities Laws
LAWG 833
Estate Planning: Estate and GIft Tax
LAWG 835
International Debt Workouts
LAWG 844
U.S. Legal Research Analysis & Writing
LAWG 845
Hedge, Private Equity and Other Private Funds
LAWG 846
Tax Treaties
LAWG 847
Developing and Financing Infrastructure Projects
LAWG 848
Corporate Income Tax Law I
LAWG 849
National Security Investigations and Litigation
LAWG 850
Corporate Income Tax Law II
LAWG 852
Law and Foreign Investment in China
LAWG 854
Income Tax Accounting
LAWG 856
Tax Practice and Procedure (Administrative Practice)
LAWG 858
Tax Practice and Procedure (Litigation)
LAWG 860
Securities Arbitration and Mediation
LAWG 861
Presentation Skills for International Lawyers
LAWG 863
International Business Litigation and Federal Practice
LAWG 864
Graduate Independent Research
LAWG 868
Estate Planning: Income Taxation of Trusts, Estates, and Ben...
LAWG 869
The Role of WHO in Global Health Law and Governance
LAWG 872
World Trade Organization: Agreements, Negotiations & Dispute...
LAWG 876
International Business Transactions
LAWG 880
International White Collar Crime
LAWG 881
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
LAWG 882
International Commercial Arbitration
LAWG 883
Survey of Transfer Pricing
LAWG 885
Advocacy in International Arbitration
LAWG 897
Tax Treaties
LAWG 898
International Trade Remedies and the WTO
LAWG 900
Global Indirect Tax: The VAT
LAWG 909
Externship Seminar
LAWG 914
International Banking in the United States
LAWG 915
Law, Healthy Lifestyles and Business Regulation
LAWG 917
Adv Legal Practice Practicum
LAWG 919
Drafting Partnership & LLC Agreements
LAWG 922
National Security & the Law of the Sea
LAWG 928
International Project Finance
LAWG 936
Law of War Seminar
LAWG 937
War Crimes & Prosecutions
LAWG 939
Immunity Under International Law
LAWG 942
Taxation of Partnerships
LAWG 943
Advanced Private Wealth Planning Seminar
LAWG 944
State and Local Taxation: Income & Franchise Taxes
LAWG 945
Taxation of Energy Markets
LAWG 947
Advanced Topics in Exempt Organizations
LAWG 948
Tax Treatment of Charities and Other Nonprofit Organizations
LAWG 950
Complex Securities Investigations
LAWG 955
International Bankruptcy
LAWG 958
International Negotiations Seminar
LAWG 959
International Trade, Development & the Common Good
LAWG 960
SEC Enforcement Process
LAWG 962
U.S. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions
LAWG 966
International Trade Law & Regulation
LAWG 967
National Security Law and the Private Sector
LAWG 969
Derivatives Regulation
LAWG 971
Intl Womens Human Rights Fello
LAWG 972
National Security Law
LAWG 978
Introduction to U.S. Legal Systems
LAWG 980
Taxation of Debt Instruments & Securitization Transactions I
LAWG 982
Crsbrdr Com Reg:Aviatn/Maritime
LAWG 986
U.S. International Inbound Tax
LAWG 987
LAWA Graduate Seminar
LAWG 989
Transnational Legal Skills Workshop
LAWG 994
Georgetown Law Research Fellow
LAWG 995
Public Health and International Investment Law
LAWG 999
Ipr Fellow
LAWG 1010
International Law in Domestic Courts Seminar
LAWG 1019
Renewable Energy, Internet, Uber: Bringing Competition to Hi...
LAWG 1024
International Law Seminar: Water Resources
LAWG 1028
Health Care Fraud and Abuse Seminar
LAWG 1031
National Security Crisis Law I
LAWG 1032
In-House Counsel: Law and Practice
LAWG 1036
International Contracts and Sales Law
LAWG 1038
Religion and the Work of a Lawyer Seminar
LAWG 1040
Technology, Innovation and Access to the Civil Justice Syste...
LAWG 1099
The Art of Regulatory War Seminar
LAWG 1106
Judicial Review of Military Justice Proceedings: Current Iss...
LAWG 1107
Analytical Methods
LAWG 1110
Government Enforcement Investigations: A Study at the SEC
LAWG 1127
Cyber and National Security: Current Issues Seminar
LAWG 1151
National Security Lawyering Seminar
LAWG 1175
Borders and Banishment Seminar
LAWG 1191
Sovereign Debt and Financial Stability Seminar
LAWG 1194
Renewable Energy Seminar: Policy, Law and Projects
LAWG 1196
Religion, Morality and Contested Claims for Justice Seminar
LAWG 1199
The Law of Deception Seminar
LAWG 1202
Food and Drug Law
LAWG 1205
Natural Resources Law: Energy, Water and Land Resources
LAWG 1208
Food Law Seminar
LAWG 1211
Special Topics in Jurisprudence: Gender, Race and Class Semi...
LAWG 1218
Trade, Money, and Trust: The Law and Policy of Globalization...
LAWG 1231
International Law Seminar: Poverty Reduction and Accountabil...
LAWG 1270
Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy Seminar
LAWG 1272
Sexuality, Gender & the Law
LAWG 1276
Tax Law and Public Finance Workshop
LAWG 1277
Environmental Dispute Resolution Seminar
LAWG 1282
Urban Laboratory: Land Use Planning Law in Practice
LAWG 1285
The Internet and International Trade Law
LAWG 1286
Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in the 21st Century: Le...
LAWG 1287
Strategic Litigation for Social Change
LAWG 1288
Politics of Litigation and Litigation of Politics
LAWG 1289
Law of Robots
LAWG 1294
Information Technology and Modern Litigation
LAWG 1296
Law of Religion
LAWG 1298
Global Anti-Corruption Seminar
LAWG 1327
The Technology of Privacy Seminar
LAWG 1329
Art Law Seminar: Images, Objects, and Culture
LAWG 1334
Justice and Accountability for International Atrocity Crimes...
LAWG 1337
Empirical Analysis for Lawyers and Policymakers Seminar
LAWG 1347
Energy Regulation: A Practical Approach
LAWG 1348
Strategically Managing Intellectual Property
LAWG 1349
Administrative Law
LAWG 1359
Constitutional Interpretation Seminar: Originalism and its R...
LAWG 1380
International Economic Law and Policy Colloquium
LAWG 1384
Computer Programming for Lawyers: An Introduction
LAWG 1388
Law and Social Change Seminar
LAWG 1389
Racialization and American Law Seminar
LAWG 1390
Religion and Constitutions in Global Perspective Seminar
LAWG 1392
Securities Enforcement Seminar
LAWG 1396
Antitrust Law Seminar: Case Development and Litigation Strat...
LAWG 1400
Law and Business of Television
LAWG 1402
National Security Regulation
LAWG 1403
Hot Topics in Antitrust
LAWG 1404
Social Justice and Taxation
LAWG 1406
Advanced Topics in Corporate Law: Unincorporated Business En...
LAWG 1409
Cyber Threats and Technological Insecurity: Emerging Legal,...
LAWG 1416
Supreme Court Topics: The Role of Dissenting Opinions
LAWG 1427
Brexit and the Law Seminar
LAWG 1430
Transforming the Police Seminar
LAWG 1442
Fintech Law and Policy
LAWG 1451
International Intellectual Property and Development
LAWG 1452
Consumer Protection Law Seminar
LAWG 1453
Vatican City State, Holy See, and United Nations Seminar
LAWG 1454
Topics in LGBT Civil Rights Seminar
LAWG 1455
Energy Law
LAWG 1458
Use of Force and Human Rights in International Law Seminar
LAWG 1459
Regulation and Deregulation in the Executive Branch Seminar
LAWG 1463
The Trump Presidency: Legal, Political and Moral Problems
LAWG 1466
Trademarks and Brands Seminar
LAWG 1467
The Future of International Criminal Justice Seminar
LAWG 1468
Business and Financial Basics for Lawyers
LAWG 1469
Merger Antitrust Law
LAWG 1470
Law and Rhetoric Seminar
LAWG 1472
Energy Law and Policy
LAWG 1473
Judicial Review and the Administrative State
LAWG 1474
Advanced Civil Rights
LAWG 1475
Global Governance and Transnational Law
LAWG 1476
International Law and the New Global Political Economy
LAWG 1477
Video Games in the 21st Century
LAWG 1482
Negotiations and Mediation Seminar
LAWG 1484
Legislation and Regulations: Law, Science, and Policy
LAWG 1486
Congressional Oversight of the Executive Branch
LAWG 1487
Executive Branch Legal Interpretation: The Separation of Pow...
LAWG 1488
Race and Voting Rights
LAWG 1489
Entrepreneurship: Scaling a Business from Inception to Exit
LAWG 1498
Transnational Contract and Unified Sales Law
LAWG 1501
Doing Business in Europe: Basics of Private International Bu...
LAWG 1511
The Battle over “Obamacare”: Lessons for Health Policy &...
LAWG 1515
Water Law Seminar
LAWG 1518
Doing Justice
LAWG 1521
Corporate Transaction Litigation in Delaware
LAWG 1526
The Law of Autonomous Vehicles
LAWG 1532
Advanced Legal Writing for International Business Lawyers
LAWG 1535
Advanced Topics in Corporate Law: Management Misconduct
LAWG 1602
Advanced Topics in Torts: Products Liability, Guns, and Drug...
LAWG 1606
Motherhood & the Law Seminar
LAWG 1607
Race, Inequality and Progressive Politics: Voting Rights in...
LAWG 1610
Criminal Practice Seminar: White-Collar Crimes in a Transnat...
LAWG 1614
Sentencing Law, Policy, and Practice Seminar
LAWG 1615
Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings and the Law Seminar
LAWG 1616
Legal and Policy Aspects of Countering Terrorist Recruiting...
LAWG 1617
Entrepreneurship: The Lifecycle of a Business
LAWG 1618
Mass Incarceration Seminar
LAWG 1619
Natural Resources and Energy Law and Policy Practicum
LAWG 1621
Human Rights Seminar: The Role of Human Rights Defenders
LAWG 1622
Wrongful Convictions
LAWG 1628
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Law: A Comparativ...
LAWG 1630
Strategic Responses to Data Breach: "We've Been Hacked!"
LAWG 1632
Aggregate Litigation: A Global Perspective
LAWG 1633
Current Regulatory Developments in Business and Internationa...
LAWG 1639
Intl Litigation in Europe
LAWG 1640
Current Issues in National Security Law
LAWG 1645
Cultural Appropriation Seminar: Innovation or Theft?
LAWG 1648
Advanced Corporate Finance: Quantitative Analysis and Valuat...
LAWG 1653
The Prevention and Resolution of International Financial Cri...
LAWG 1656
Technology and Election Integrity Seminar
LAWG 1658
Law and Philosophy: Hannah Arendt: Evil, Human Rights, and L...
LAWG 1672
Human Trafficking: A Labor Approach
LAWG 1673
Effective Human Rights Advocacy in Polarized Environments
LAWG 2006
Pro-Seminar in National Security Law
LAWG 2009
Energy Trading and Market Regulation I
LAWG 2010
Law and Regulation of Global Health Technologies
LAWG 2012
Tax Court Advocacy Workshop
LAWG 2014
International Law and Covert Operations
LAWG 2017
S.J.D. Core Curriculum
LAWG 2020
Human Rights and the Inter-American System
LAWG 2026
Professional Responsibility Law in the United States
LAWG 2028
Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Law
LAWG 2029
Introduction to Torts
LAWG 2030
Comparative Reproductive Technologies and "Reproductive Tour...
LAWG 2031
State & Local Taxation: Sales & Use Taxes
LAWG 2033
Tax Fraud and Tax Crimes
LAWG 2036
Introduction to Contracts
LAWG 2037
Health Information Technology and the Law
LAWG 2038
Current Issues in Tax Policy
LAWG 2039
U.S. Criminal Procedure
LAWG 2040
Financial Derivates Taxation
LAWG 2043
Current Topics in International Investment Arbitration
LAWG 2044
Implementation of Financial Market Reform Legislation
LAWG 2047
Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration
LAWG 2050
Managing Political Risk in Emerging Market Project Financing...
LAWG 2052
Cybersecurity Law
LAWG 2053
International Commercial Arbitration in Cross-Cultural Conte...
LAWG 2054
Regulation of Derivatives
LAWG 2055
Investment Treaty Arbitration, Public Intl Law & Landmark Ju...
LAWG 2058
Academic Legal English I
LAWG 2060
LAWA Graduate Seminar II
LAWG 2061
Intl Litigation & Arbitration
LAWG 2062
Advanced Scholarly Writing
LAWG 2065
Gender and U.S. Foreign Policy
LAWG 2069
Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions
LAWG 2070
National Security Business Law
LAWG 2072
Survey of State and Local Taxation
LAWG 2073
Advanced International Commercial Arbitration
LAWG 2075
Negotiations Seminar (LLM Week One)
LAWG 2076
Health Law and Regulation
LAWG 2077
Environmental Lawyering
LAWG 2079
International and Comparative Antitrust Law
LAWG 2080
The Affordable Care Act: Law and Policy Governing Private He...
LAWG 2081
Presentation Skills for Academics
LAWG 2086
Basic Accounting for Lawyers
LAWG 2087
White Collar Crime and Securities Fraud
LAWG 2088
Financial Statement Accounting for Tax Consequences
LAWG 2092
Academic Legal English II
LAWG 2093
S.J.D. Continuing Registration
LAWG 2094
Advanced Topics in International Humanitarian Law
LAWG 2097
Takeovers, Mergers, and Aquisitions
LAWG 2099
Nutrition Law and Policy
LAWG 2999
Graduate Room Hold
LAWG 3001
LAWG 3002
Legal and Regulatory Issues in International Oil & Gas and E...
LAWG 3003
Employee Benefits: Health & Welfare Plans
LAWG 3004
Employee Benefits: Executive Compensation
LAWG 3005
Employee Benefits: Qualified Retirement Plans
LAWG 3006
International Right to Health
LAWG 3007
Federal Environmental Litigation Seminar
LAWG 3009
Ethics in International Arbitration
LAWG 3011
Employee Benefits Practicum
LAWG 3012
Introduction to Federal Income Tax, Research & Writing
LAWG 3014
ICSID Arbitration: Jurisdiction and Procedural Aspects
LAWG 3015
Basic Principles of Finance
LAWG 3017
Survey of Employee Benefits Law
LAWG 3019
International Arbitration in Asia
LAWG 3020
Zika, Ebola, MERS, and the One Health Model of Global Outbre...
LAWG 3021
International Arbitration and the New York Convention
LAWG 3026
Beyond the IPO: Exempt Securities Offerings
LAWG 3028
Global Drug Law and Regulation
LAWG 3029
International Negotiations
LAWG 3030
Introduction to U.S. Civil Procedure
LAWG 3032
International Energy Arbitration
LAWG 3033
International Commercial Arbitration with a Foreign Sovereig...
LAWG 3034
Global Derivatives Law and Regulatory Policy
LAWG 3035
International Arbitration from the Arbitrators Point of View
LAWG 3036
International Arbitration Colloquium
LAWG 3038
Biosecurity and the Law
LAWG 3046
International Investment Law and Arbitration in Practice: Pa...
LAWG 3047
LGBT Health Law and Policy
LAWG 3048
Wills & Trusts
LAWG 3049
Sovereign States and the Permanent Court of Arbitration
LAWG 3050
U.S. Employment Taxes
LAWG 3051
Arbitration in Latin America
LAWG 3052
International Law Essentials: The U.S. Perspective
LAWG 3053
Money Managers as Fiduciaries
LAWG 3056
U.S. Legal Research Analysis & Writing Workshop
LAWG 3057
Public Health Law & Policy in Global Perspective
LAWG 3058
Health, Human Rights and Social Justice
LAWG 3061
Discussion Skills for International Lawyers
LAWG 3062
The Essentials of FinTech Law
LAWG 3063
International Tax Controversy
LAWG 3064
S.J.D. and Fellows Seminar
LAWG 3065
The Law and Ethics of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, a...
LAWG 3066
Cybersecurity Law & Policy
LAWG 3067
Public-Private Partnerships: Law and Governance
LAWG 3068
Two-Year LLM Program Assembly
LAWG 3069
The Role of Law in Addressing Foreign Policy Challenges
LAWG 3070
The United States Constitution: A Historical Perspective
LAWG 3073
Public Health Emergencies: Enabling Preparedness and Respons...
LAWG 3074
Current Challenges to Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISD...
LAWG 3075
Trade Remedies: WTO Framework, National Law and Practice
LAWG 3076
Supervised Research
LAWG 3077
Oil and Gas Law
LAWG 3078
Commercial Space Law
LAWG 3079
Academic Legal English: Oral Communication Skills I
LAWG 3081
Discussion Skills: Legal Topics
LAWG 3082
WTO Dispute Settlement in Action: Selected Rules Jurispruden...
LAWG 3083
The First 1000 Days: Global Health Law & Policy from Gestati...
LAWG 3084
National Security and International Aviation Law
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