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LAWD 193
Financial Reg & Fin Crisis
LAWD 396
Securities Regulation
LAWD 710
Adv International Taxation
LAWD 712
Rethk Sec Reg & Role of SEC
LAWD 722
Fed Limits On State & Locl Tax
LAWD 750
Global Securities Offerings
LAWD 756
US Intl Outbound Tax
LAWD 760
SEC Reg Finl Insts & Secs Mkts
LAWD 772
S Corporation and LLC Taxation
LAWD 775
Specl Topics in State &Loc Tax
LAWD 808
Tax of Property Transactions
LAWD 824
State & Local Tax: Bus Taxes
LAWD 830
Disclosure Under Fed Sec Laws
LAWD 845
Hedge Funds Prvte Equity Funds
LAWD 846
Tax Treaties
LAWD 848
Corporate Income Tax Law I
LAWD 850
Corporate Income Tax Law II
LAWD 854
Income Tax Accounting
LAWD 858
Tax Prac & Proc (Litigation)
LAWD 883
Survey of Transfer Pricing
LAWD 942
Tax of Partnerships
LAWD 944
State & Loc Tax:Income& Frnchs
LAWD 948
Tax Treatment of Charities
LAWD 950
Complex Securities Investgtns
LAWD 960
SEC Enforcement Process
LAWD 986
US Intl Inbound Tax
LAWD 2009
Enrgy Tradg & Market Reg
LAWD 2031
State & Local Tax: Sales & Use
LAWD 2069
Tax of Fin. Instmts. & Trans.
LAWD 2072
Survey of State & Local Tax
LAWD 2086
Basic Accounting for Lawyers
LAWD 3012
Intro to Fed Income Tax
LAWD 3015
Basic Principles of Finance
LAWD 3026
Beyond the IPO
LAWD 3034
Global Derivatives Law
LAWD 3053
Money Managers
LAWD 3062
The Essentials of FinTech Law
LAWD 3063
International Tax Controversy
LAWD 3065
The Law and Ethics of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, a...
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