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JUPS 000
Justice and Peace Studies Prog
JUPS 123
Intro to Justice & Peace
JUPS 202
Nonviolence Theory & Practice
JUPS 204
Storytelling Lab
JUPS 206
Difficult Conversations
JUPS 208
Social Media # Social Change
JUPS 215
Special Topics: Peace is Pssbl
JUPS 241
Mindfulness & Social Action
JUPS 242
Nonviolent Communication
JUPS 243
Just Peace Advocacy
JUPS 244
Restorative Justice
JUPS 246
Moral Leadership
JUPS 248
Interpersonal Violence Prevent
JUPS 252
Health, Equity, and Justice
JUPS 271
Conflict Transformation
JUPS 288
Religion in Conflict/Peacebldg
JUPS 290
Gend., Immig., & Social Just.
JUPS 299
Research Methods in JUPS
JUPS 303
Sr Sem: Justice/Peace Studies
JUPS 342
Justice After War
JUPS 401
Edu for Prot:Crisis-Affctd Pop
JUPS 403
Lit, Media, and Social Change
JUPS 404
JUPS 405
JUPS 407
Peace Education
JUPS 408
Afr Persp:Peace,Cnflct,Justice
JUPS 409
JUPS 410
CBL:Immigration&Social Justice
JUPS 411
Contmp Iss in JUPS Anmls & Jus
JUPS 412
Rethinking Global Security
JUPS 414
Justice & Technology
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