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ITAL 000
ITAL 009
It for Span&Romance Lang Speak
ITAL 010
Adv ITAL for Spanish Speakers
ITAL 011
Intensive Basic Italian
ITAL 032
Intens Intermediate Italian
ITAL 042
Gateway to Italian Culture
ITAL 111
Intensive Advanced Italian I
ITAL 112
Intensive Advanced Italian II
ITAL 231
Contemp Italy:Topics for Prof
ITAL 232
Italian Translation
ITAL 233
Writing & Culture
ITAL 237
Business Italian
ITAL 319
Italian Translation
ITAL 337
Italian Cinema
ITAL 338
Medici, Pat of Ren: A dynasty
ITAL 350
It Renaissance Women Writ&Art
ITAL 372
Dante And The Medieval Mind
ITAL 375
Boccaccio:Invntn of Storytllng
ITAL 385
Madness in Ital Lit/Theater
ITAL 387
Love & Friendship in Medieval
ITAL 388
Cantautori: a History of Song
ITAL 389
Mysteries Dante to Terrorism
ITAL 390
Mafia: Reality and Fiction
ITAL 395
The Dark Prince
ITAL 403
Love Relatnshps:Calvino's Work
ITAL 408
Italian Conversation Practicum
ITAL 409
Italian Practicum
ITAL 420
Language and Migration
ITAL 421
Italian Language Varieties
ITAL 460
ITAL 480
Discourse Analysis:Narrative
ITAL 489
Sr Sem:Txts in Cntxts:App Crit
ITAL 520
Ital. Today: Socio&Appl. Ling.
ITAL 531
Iss/Perspec in Italian Studies
ITAL 551
Italy & Idea of Europe
ITAL 750
Thesis Writing Seminar
ITAL 900
Language Placeholder
ITAL 999
Thesis Research
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