IPOL 401 - Russian Hybrid Warfare

The cyberattack against Estonia in 2007, the invasion of Georgia in 2008, the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Bots, trolls, and information operations. Manipulation, influence, and deniability. “Illegals,” “patriotic hackers,” and “little green men. Oligarchs, compatriots, and useful idiots. Since the US election in 2016, there has been increased visibility of the Kremlin’s new way of war and how it targets our societies and citizens. This course will cover the Russian doctrine and ideology that lays the groundwork for the Kremlin’s global imperialist insurgency; discuss examples and case studies of these tactics and operations, as well as their history; and explore why it is so challenging for the United States and its allies to combat full-spectrum/hybrid warfare. Course materials will leverage first-hand accounts of those on the front lines of identifying and countering the Kremlin’s shadow warfare.
SFS/IPOL Security Studies, SFS/RCST Russia/Eastern Europe
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