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INAF 000
International Affairs
INAF 008
Map of the Modern World
INAF 100
Prosem:Terror in Name of God
INAF 102
The World in 1919
INAF 104
Beginners Swahili I
INAF 105
Beginners Swahili II
INAF 109
Theo Aspects of ME Morass
INAF 138
Theo Implications of Holocaust
INAF 150
Topics: Transfer Prosem
INAF 175
Holocaust: Gender&Racial Ideol
INAF 180
Interface of Humans & Nature
INAF 182
Death, the soul &The Afterlife
INAF 187
Sex/War/Tattoo:Jwsh Lw Cnt Prb
INAF 188
Confront Contemp. Antisemitism
INAF 196
Re-Exmning ME Crisis: Lit/Film
INAF 199
Intro to Jewish Civ
INAF 200
Researching Inequality
INAF 201
Research Sem: US Nat Intel
INAF 202
Wrding Yr Identity: Jewish LIt
INAF 203
Intermediate Swahili
INAF 204
Intermediate Swahili II
INAF 206
Jews on Trial
INAF 207
Glbl Challenges Chnging Wrld
INAF 209
Women & Politics in Africa
INAF 211
Intel 101
INAF 212
Dem& Ineq: Insights from India
INAF 213
US, Alliances & Politics of ME
INAF 214
Intro to Transnat'l Problems
INAF 215
Shlmiels&Sprhroes Jwsh PopCult
INAF 216
The Other Terrorists
INAF 217
God & The Goal Posts
INAF 220
Jewish Lit in the Global South
INAF 227
Jewish Thinkers Post-Medieval
INAF 228
Islam and Terrorism
INAF 231
How Intrntnl Fin Inst Work
INAF 235
Congress&Making ME Foreign Pol
INAF 236
Holocaust Voices:Autobiography
INAF 237
Trbld Rvlry:Hist Jewsh/Cth Rel
INAF 239
Military Inst Natl Power
INAF 242
Foreign Policy Speechwriting
INAF 243
Kabbalah in Its Contexts
INAF 245
The Arab Spring and Israel
INAF 246
Gender Pols in African Culture
INAF 247
Nuclear KnowHow for Presidents
INAF 250
Modern Asia:Politics & Society
INAF 251
Holocaust Literature & Film
INAF 252
Intro to Econ & Pol Devt
INAF 253
Terrorism and Counterterrorism
INAF 255
Debates Over Religious Freedom
INAF 256
Israel and World Politics
INAF 257
Media in the Middle East
INAF 260
Paul F. Pelosi Scholars Intv.
INAF 262
Community-Based Terror Prevent
INAF 269
What Really Hapnd in the Camps
INAF 270
Launching Your Career
INAF 271
Jewish & Muslim Relatnshp: Art
INAF 272
Holocaust and Geopolitics
INAF 273
CEP:Pols of Dev in S Asia
INAF 274
Currencies and Technology
INAF 275
INAF 276
Holocaust by Bullets
INAF 277
Jewish Impact: US Polit&Policy
INAF 282
Current Issues in US ME Policy
INAF 283
Social Entrepreneurship
INAF 286
Advanced Swahili II
INAF 287
Korea & The World Powers
INAF 288
Nuclear Weapons&Int'l Security
INAF 290
Jewish American Literature
INAF 293
Island Disputes in Asia
INAF 294
Environment in Africa
INAF 299
Zones Conflict / Zones Peace
INAF 301
Tutorial:International Affairs
INAF 302
Tutorial: Internatl Affairs
INAF 308
Global Leaders: Charact/Virtue
INAF 309
Australian/New Zealand Tutoria
INAF 310
Advanced Swahili I
INAF 311
CLab:India Innovation Studio 1
INAF 312
CLab:India Innovation Studio 2
INAF 313
CLab:India Innovation Lab
INAF 314
Immigration & Conflict
INAF 317
Trump's Foreign Policy
INAF 318
Natl ID/Interest in Settler SO
INAF 320
Quant Methods:Intrnl Affairs
INAF 321
Hist of Peace-Making:Mid East
INAF 323
Civil Society&Democ. in Africa
INAF 324
Global Environmental Politics
INAF 326
Politics of China
INAF 331
The School that Walsh Built
INAF 332
Political Economy of Asia
INAF 335
Int'l Affairs Internship Qatar
INAF 336
Calderwood Seminar/Public Writ
INAF 337
Internship Tutorial
INAF 338
Internship in Intntl Affairs
INAF 339
Krogh Honors Seminar
INAF 344
Effct Leadership/Forgn Affairs
INAF 345
Ethnicity & Nationalism:Africa
INAF 347
Dept Sem:Sr Res Sem On Asia
INAF 348
African Studies:Capstone Cours
INAF 349
Philip Roth:Fiction About Fict
INAF 351
Post 1979 Pakstn,Afghan,Iran
INAF 352
Religion & Democratization
INAF 354
Terror, Islam and the Media
INAF 355
Immigrants, Refugees & State
INAF 356
Gender Politics in African Cul
INAF 357
African Politics/Governments
INAF 360
Smaller States and Peacemaking
INAF 362
History's Influence on For Aff
INAF 363
Practicing Diplomacy Abroad
INAF 367
Trade in Asia Pacific
INAF 370
Revolutions in Comp Persp
INAF 371
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
INAF 373
INAF 374
Intro Muslim American Studies
INAF 376
Global Child Migration
INAF 378
ASEAN: Progr, Problms, Promise
INAF 379
ISIM:Environmental Migration
INAF 380
INAF 382
Char, Conscience and Courage
INAF 383
Applied Econometrics for Dlpt
INAF 385
Politics and Sports
INAF 386
South Pacific Regional Securit
INAF 389
US-SE Asian Rel:Post 9/11 Wrld
INAF 390
Australian-American Alliance
INAF 391
US Pol/Isr-Pal Confl:2000-Tday
INAF 392
Economics of Africa
INAF 395
Pol Econ of Development Africa
INAF 397
Muslim Women & the West
INAF 401
Ethics & IPOL:Reinhold Niebuhr
INAF 402
Cont. African Culture/Ideology
INAF 403
Sex & Powr in the Islamic Trad
INAF 406
Slavery & Islam
INAF 407
Islam-Democrcy-Globl Terrorism
INAF 410
Chinese Military Power
INAF 411
The Quran & its Interpreters
INAF 413
Japan's Search for Strategy
INAF 417
Sharia Law & its Discontents
INAF 418
Islam & Politics in SE Asia
INAF 420
Muslms & NonMus Minority in ME
INAF 421
Korean History on Film
INAF 422
African Politics & Development
INAF 423
Pol of Intrl Religious Freedom
INAF 425
Terrorism&Insurgency in Africa
INAF 426
INAF 428
Global History of Slavery
INAF 430
Islam in Africa
INAF 431
South Asia: Iss of War/Peace
INAF 433
Women & Law
INAF 434
The Catholic Peace Tradition
INAF 436
Organizing for Peace & Justice
INAF 438
Religion, Ethcs,& Wrld Affairs
INAF 440
US Apprch to ME&Arab-Isr Peace
INAF 442
Hum Rts and Refugees: Ethics&R
INAF 444
Statecraft and Negotiation
INAF 446
Trade/NatSecurity in20/21 Cent
INAF 447
Persp. on African Christianity
INAF 449
China's Evolving Role in Afr
INAF 451
Migration & Citizenship
INAF 452
Turkish Foreign Policy
INAF 453
Amer Natl Security Tool Box
INAF 455
Advanced Topics in Hate Groups
INAF 458
Fiction, Faith and Violence
INAF 460
International Relations of ME
INAF 465
Govt/Politics of Turkey
INAF 466
State-Building After the Gun
INAF 473
Study of Islam & Mus-Chris Rel
INAF 475
War/Politics/Crime:Sub Sah Afr
INAF 477
History of Economic Espionage
INAF 480
German Economy 21st Century
INAF 481
INAF 482
Systems Engnrng in Intl Affrs
INAF 487
Practice/Ethics in Global Dev
INAF 488
Future of Islam/Politics in ME
INAF 491
Business & Politics in Africa
INAF 493
Ethics/Development: Gender
INAF 496
US Strat in Asia: Hist & Pract
INAF 497
Global Pol Econ:Emerging Power
INAF 501
Conflict & Order in SE Asia
INAF 523
Fund of Writing for Grad Stud
INAF 524
Hum Rights, Pluralism&Equality
INAF 533
Japan's Domestic Politics
INAF 559
Theory and Policy in Africa
INAF 560
Ethnic Politics
INAF 569
Sayyid Qutb &Islamic Extremism
INAF 600
History of Economic Espionage
INAF 631
Syrian Refugees
INAF 632
ISD Capstone: The US and Iran
INAF 635
ISD Capstone Rebuilding Yemen
INAF 638
ISD Capstone: S. Sudan Cnflct
INAF 648
Intl Migration & Development
INAF 653
Amer Natl Security Tool Box
INAF 687
Refugee Law & Policy
INAF 694
Refugee/Humanitarian Emergnc
INAF 698
Intro to Humanitarian Crises
INAF 715
Pvt Cap Flows into AfricanMkts
INAF 718
Immigration Law & Policy
INAF 741
Data Analytic Regional Studies
INAF 912
Fellows in Diplo Res Proj
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