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HSCI 000
Human Science
HSCI 100
Language of Health & Disease
HSCI 101
Human Biology I
HSCI 102
Human Biology II
HSCI 111
Biochem & Human Functioning
HSCI 160
Hlth Promotn/Disease Preventn
HSCI 178
Res Theory & Com in Sci HlthCr
HSCI 183
Intro to Behavioral Science
HSCI 190
HSCI 201
HSCI 202
HSCI 205
Group Dynamics in Hlth Promo
HSCI 209
HSCI 221
Sexual Health Issues
HSCI 222
Crisis Mgmt in College Health
HSCI 280
Biochem & Molec/Cell:Hlth &Dis
HSCI 301
Tutorial:Human Science
HSCI 302
Tutorial: Human Science
HSCI 305
Health Topics in Neuroscience
HSCI 308
Evidence of Wellness
HSCI 311
Human Science Ind Research
HSCI 322
Human Science Sem/Intnshp I
HSCI 323
Human Sci Sem/Internship II
HSCI 332
Health Impact of the Envrnmnt
HSCI 350
Physiol Adaptations
HSCI 355
Genetics of Health/Disease
HSCI 358
Global Worker Safety & Health
HSCI 366
Pub Hlth: Making Nmbrs Count
HSCI 367
Adv Human Science Res Method
HSCI 369
Cell Biology of Cancer
HSCI 370
Honors Thesis
HSCI 374
Genome Insibity & Human Diseas
HSCI 501
Occupational Toxicology
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