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HIST 601 - Nationalism

This colloquium examines selected issues in the history of 19th- and 20th-century European nationalism, combining theoretical readings with case studies. The approach is broadly comparative, and will discuss classic problems such as: what is the nature of the connection between modernization and nationalism? What is the relationship between civic and ethnic conceptions of nationhood? Did East European nationalism develop in a manner that contrasts clearly with West European models, or are these cultural stereotypes completely misleading? How does nationalism evolve from intellectual movement to mass movement, and what impact does this shift have on its ideological content? Although the geographical focus of most assigned readings is on modern Europe, students are encouraged to write their term papers on any region and time period they are interested in, as long as the theme is connected to nationhood and nationalism. The course can thus be counted towards any regional field, depending on the paper topic and subject to the approval of the student's advisor.
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