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HIST 000
HIST 007
Intro Early Hist: Europe I
HIST 008
Intro Late Hist: World II
HIST 099
Rio de Janeiro
HIST 101
Internship Tutorial Fall
HIST 102
Internship Tutorial Spring
HIST 103
History of Antisemitism
HIST 104
Indian Ocean World
HIST 105
Ft-Yr Sem:World w/o End:Travel
HIST 106
Atlantic World
HIST 107
Pacific World
HIST 108
Cent. Eurasia:World Crossroads
HIST 109
The Islamic World
HIST 111
Africa I
HIST 112
Africa II
HIST 120
The Confucian World to 1800
HIST 121
Ft-yr sem: China since 1949
HIST 122
History of China I
HIST 123
History of China II
HIST 124
History of Japan I
HIST 125
History of Modern Japan
HIST 126
South East Asia I
HIST 128
South Asia I
HIST 129
Modern South Asia
HIST 131
Ft-yr Sem:Science and Religion
HIST 133
FY SEM: The Present & the Past
HIST 145
Early Renaissance Italy
HIST 146
Late Renais & Early Mod Italy
HIST 148
Queen Elizabeth I: Fact & Fict
HIST 158
Latin America I
HIST 159
Latin America II
HIST 160
Middle East I
HIST 161
Middle East II
HIST 170
History of Russia I
HIST 171
History of Russia II
HIST 172
East European History I
HIST 173
East European History II
HIST 180
U.S. History until 1865
HIST 181
US History Since 1865
HIST 186
First Yr Sem:Socialism
HIST 190
Film and US History
HIST 205
The Rise of Global Challenges
HIST 209
The Atomic Age
HIST 221
Russia, China:Comparative Hist
HIST 223
History of Pakistan
HIST 224
Film & Women in South Asia
HIST 226
Hist of Korea in NE Asia
HIST 229
How SouthAsia shaped the world
HIST 230
Europe after Rome
HIST 231
Mid Ages:Millennium-Bl Death
HIST 232
History-Legend in Med Britain
HIST 234
The Vikings
HIST 236
Europe in World Wars:1914-1945
HIST 240
The Reformations in Europe
HIST 241
History of International Law
HIST 243
History of Ireland I
HIST 244
The French Empire since 1600
HIST 245
World War One In War And Peace
HIST 249
Central Europe
HIST 251
Brazilian Society/Culture
HIST 261
Ottoman Empire and Mod Turkey
HIST 264
History of Modern Egypt
HIST 267
Modern North Africa
HIST 280
Sex Love Race in Amer Culture
HIST 282
The US in the World to 1945
HIST 283
The US in the world since 1945
HIST 287
Baseball/American Society
HIST 290
World War III: A History
HIST 293
Black Politics and Culture
HIST 294
Conflict & Reform:US 1877-1920
HIST 296
Civil War & Emancipation
HIST 299
U.S. In The 1960's
HIST 300
History of Emotions & Senses
HIST 301
Tutorial: History
HIST 302
Tutorial: History
HIST 303
Dynamics of Global Dominance
HIST 304
Deep Pasts, New Futures
HIST 305
Tutorial: Global History
HIST 306
Researching Geopolitics of Oil
HIST 307
Dictatorships in History
HIST 308
HIST 309
Witches & Witchcraft
HIST 311
African Politico-Economics
HIST 312
Topic:Development in Africa
HIST 314
African Biography
HIST 315
Environmental Hist of Africa
HIST 317
Topics African Womens' History
HIST 318
HIST 321
The Silk Road
HIST 324
Lit as Hist in East Asia
HIST 325
Modern China:Fiction & History
HIST 327
Russia&China:Roots of Conflict
HIST 328
The US and East Asia
HIST 329
China's Boxers: Global Context
HIST 330
500 Years of Martin Luther
HIST 332
Mary Through the Ages
HIST 335
Food:The Industrial Age
HIST 337
Machiavelli and the Medici
HIST 338
Consumer Society: A History
HIST 341
The State in Early Mod Europe
HIST 342
Government Secrecy In 20Th C.
HIST 344
Collabt'n/Resistance in WW II
HIST 345
European Fascism
HIST 346
The History of history
HIST 347
Magic Science and Religion
HIST 352
Topic: Env hist of the America
HIST 359
Resistance/Rebellion in Andes
HIST 360
Islam and War
HIST 361
HIST 362
Environment &Modern Middle Est
HIST 363
Muslims in the West
HIST 364
Revolutionary Thought in Islam
HIST 365
Society/Politics Modern Turkey
HIST 367
Muslim Women & the West
HIST 368
Empires borderlands ME Balkans
HIST 370
East European Frontiers
HIST 372
Topic:From Serfdom to Gulag
HIST 378
Ukraine Conflict & its Roots
HIST 380
History of New Orleans
HIST 382
Sports & Race in US History
HIST 383
What is Citizenship?
HIST 387
Recent U.S. Political Economy
HIST 388
Jazz/Civil Rights/Amer Society
HIST 389
Conservatism in the U.S.
HIST 390
Markets & Making of the US
HIST 391
Race/racism in the White House
HIST 393
Genealogy & U.S. History
HIST 396
Finding DC CivWar AfAm Sites
HIST 397
Cold War Lessons & Legacies
HIST 399
Antebellum And Civil War
HIST 400
History Portfolio Workshop
HIST 401
Once upon a time in the West
HIST 402
Empire and Film
HIST 403
Nuclear Scientists & Dissent
HIST 404
Global History of the Plague
HIST 405
Space science and society
HIST 406
Ancient Climate Changes
HIST 407
A history of fundamentalism
HIST 408
Sr Sem: History Honors
HIST 409
Sr. Sem: History Honors
HIST 418
W Africa+Atlantic slave trade
HIST 425
How South Asia Shaped the Wrld
HIST 427
HIST 431
Outer Space:Plato to Pluto
HIST 434
Sex & Celibacy:Early Mod Europ
HIST 435
Americanization of Europe
HIST 436
Hitler and History
HIST 437
Film & The French Revolution
HIST 438
Sex & Power In Europe 800-1600
HIST 439
History of Travel
HIST 449
Food:Rome to Industrial Age
HIST 451
Urban Poverty In Lat. Amer
HIST 457
Making Nations in Lat Amer
HIST 458
Mexico, Mexicans, and the US
HIST 461
Traveling:Europe/Me Encounters
HIST 462
Middle East after WWI
HIST 463
Vanishing Christians of Mod ME
HIST 464
Topic: Mediterranean &the Wrld
HIST 466
Us And The Middle East
HIST 468
Islamic Modernism
HIST 469
America and the Muslim World
HIST 475
From Tsars to Putin
HIST 476
Deception, Hoaxes,Conspiracies
HIST 480
HIST 484
Inventing the Illegal Alien
HIST 487
Underground Railroad:Hist/Cult
HIST 488
W.E.B. DuBois Seminar
HIST 495
History and Biography
HIST 501
History Core Colloquium
HIST 504
Global & Intrnl History
HIST 505
Comparative History
HIST 507
Habsburg & Ottoman Empires
HIST 518
HIST 523
Pacific Empires
HIST 551
Lat Amer Origins/Transformatio
HIST 565
The Mediterranean in history
HIST 569
Sayyid Qutb &Islamic Extremism
HIST 575
Political economy of communism
HIST 583
Race And History
HIST 601
HIST 602
Locating History:Space & Scale
HIST 606
Occupations in WWII
HIST 611
Precolonial Africa & Diasporas
HIST 612
Africa & the History of Capita
HIST 632
Divided Germany
HIST 633
The Magic of History
HIST 642
Europe & Early Modern World
HIST 643
Early Mod Col: State and Soc
HIST 644
Material Culture
HIST 645
Early modern Europe seminar II
HIST 649
Empires at War 1911-1923
HIST 652
Econ Hist of Latin Amer
HIST 655
Power/Culture in Modern Mexico
HIST 658
CapitalAmericasWorld 1500-2000
HIST 662
Culture History: Middle East
HIST 671
Wwii On Eastern Front
HIST 681
Oil & World Power
HIST 684
Readings in African-Amer Hist
HIST 685
Slavery Civil War Emancipation
HIST 686
U.S. Political Economy
HIST 687
US Migration in Global Context
HIST 688
Black Atlantic
HIST 689
Gender and Sexuality in US
HIST 701
1960s in Transnatl Perspective
HIST 702
Readings in Atlantic Hist
HIST 703
Historical epidemiology
HIST 706
Global Age of Revolutions
HIST 708
Intro Hist of Climate Change
HIST 709
Thinking About Archives
HIST 713
Twentieth-C Africa
HIST 714
Enviro Hist of Africa
HIST 722
Late Imperial China
HIST 723
20th Century China
HIST 744
Gender in Early Mod World
HIST 764
Gender & Empire in Mid. East
HIST 772
Imperial Russian Culture
HIST 774
Early Russia
HIST 778
Russia & The World
HIST 779
Russia as an empire 1550-1950
HIST 790
US As World Power
HIST 801
Environmental History
HIST 805
Environmental Hist Res Sem
HIST 807
Comparative Nuclear Cultures
HIST 809
Res Sem:Omnibus
HIST 825
Theory from the Global South
HIST 833
Med/E Mod Eur Research Sem
HIST 862
Social History Of Middle East
HIST 863
Middle East Research Sem
HIST 867
Res Sem: Middle East History
HIST 901
Tutorial: History
HIST 902
Tutorial: History
HIST 991
Continuous Registration
HIST 992
Continuous Registration
HIST 993
Continuous Registration
HIST 994
Continuous Registration
HIST 999
Thesis Research
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