CULP 395 - Thesis Proposal Workshop

Writing a senior thesis is one of the most challenging –and rewarding – projects a Georgetown student can undertake. Before you begin, however, you’ll need to think through your research questions and develop a plan for answering them. In many ways, this step is the most important part of your project, since your questions and research plan will guide the direction and scope of your work. Although designed for juniors in the Culture and Politics major interested in writing a senior thesis, this one-credit workshop is open to any student who wishes to draft and refine a formal research proposal. Whether you’re polishing an existing draft or starting from scratch, we’ll work as a group to generate ideas and refine your proposal. Throughout the semester, we’ll think through the question or questions you’re trying to answer, determine what information you’ll need to answer those questions, look at how other researchers have considered similar questions, and determine how your research fits within your field of study. Your work throughout the semester will culminate in a formal research proposal which you can then submit to a thesis committee for consideration.
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