CULP 338 - Migrants in Film, Lit & Cultur

The current migration “crises” have sparked heated political debates about people on the move seeking safe haven from violence, armed conflict, and poverty. In these debates, the fate of migrants is defined by competing visions of them as pawns or pioneers, as passive victims or driven agents. Moreover, many of these narratives are created by outsiders: politicians and policy makers, journalists and celebrities, and armchair scholars. In this course, we will look at how documentaries, films in local and world cinema, autobiographies, novels, and ethnographies created by migrant filmmakers, novelists, and scholars narrate decisions to leave home, present different migration trajectories, explore what it means to be an undocumented migrant or member of the ‘second generation.’ We will also explore how geography, citizenship, class, gender, age, ethnicity, race, and religion feature in these narratives. Students will critically analyze how migrants are represented in these narratives through active class discussions and several written essays.
Diversity-Domestic, Diversity-Global, SFS/IPOL Electives
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