CULP 222 - Med,Arts,&Culp in War & Peace

Information technologies have placed the ability to produce arts, media and culture into the hands of everyone with a laptop or even a mobile phone. As a consequence, the role of the arts, media and culture in fomenting and resolving conflict has changed in both nature and scope. Transforming relationships, societal behavior, attitudes and mindsets is at the core of war, peace and peacebuilding. Thus the interplay of media and the arts plays a vital role in positively affecting social and political change, conserving culture, civic mobilization, countering violent extremism, humanizing conflict and contributing to trauma healing and peacebuilding. This course will explore why, how and when media, arts and culture can play a role in socio-economic, political and cultural change, creating and transforming conflict, mobilizing civil society, countering violent extremism and peacebuilding. Students will examine and learn from numerous global case studies (past and present) in three phases of conflict: prevention, midst of conflict and post conflict. Students will study the impact of mainstream and digital/social media (radio, television, print, books, newspapers, and magazines) as well as the impact of the arts (literary, visual, drawings, graphics, paintings, etc.) movement-based performance (e.g., dance, theatre, etc.), and music. This course will be Practitioner led.
Diversity-Domestic, Diversity-Global, SFS/CULP Humanities, SFS/IPOL Security Studies, X-List: JOUR, X-List: JUPS
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