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CULP 000
Culture & Politics
CULP 045
Theorizing Cult and Politics
CULP 220
Diplomacy and Culture
CULP 221
Media & International Affairs
CULP 222
Med,Arts,&Culp in War & Peace
CULP 223
Visual Culture And The Body
CULP 224
Politics of Media &Materiality
CULP 241
Islamic Architecture
CULP 242
Foreign Bodies: Politics/Med
CULP 261
Inside Arabic: Comp. Approach
CULP 265
Francophone Comics:Tintin
CULP 266
Diagnosis/Med Pwr/Glbl Prspctv
CULP 271
Bodies, Technology, & Violence
CULP 275
Music IR: Jazz as Diplomacy
CULP 282
Wrld Lit W/Religious Dimension
CULP 290
CLab:Politics and Performance
CULP 291
CLab:Politic & Performance IFW
CULP 300
Tutorl:Lang Of Pltcs In Acdmia
CULP 301
Tutorial:Resistance to Lang II
CULP 305
Honors Tutorial
CULP 306
Honors Tutorial II
CULP 312
Film and Memory
CULP 314
Polit of Africa: Fiction&Film
CULP 315
Fake News
CULP 324
Journey of Arabic
CULP 325
Gov&Liberty in Digital Age
CULP 326
Gov&Liberty in Digital Age
CULP 328
Politics S. Asia in Lit & Film
CULP 331
Arabian Nights in Western Lit
CULP 332
CULP 338
Migrants in Film, Lit & Cultur
CULP 344
Green Culture and Politics
CULP 345
Detouring the Global City
CULP 346
Crit Geog: Theory and Practice
CULP 348
TheOther:Immigrant Integration
CULP 349
CULP Honors Seminar
CULP 350
CULP Honors Seminar
CULP 357
Theorizing Gender Violence
CULP 362
Social Issues in Gulf Arab Lit
CULP 363
Cinema in Arabian Peninsula
CULP 369
Id & Globlztn: Contmp Arab Wr
CULP 370
Minorities in/of Lit
CULP 375
CBL:Indigns Ppl, Confl&Reslnce
CULP 395
Thesis Proposal Workshop
CULP 396
Thesis Workshop I
CULP 397
Thesis Workshop II
CULP 413
Cinema in Arab World
CULP 415
Islam & Gender:Travel Lits
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