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COSC 000
Computer Science
COSC 001
Introduction to Computing
COSC 010
Intro to Comp Science: Python
COSC 018
Networks, Crowds, and Markets
COSC 030
Math Methods for Comp Sci
COSC 051
Computer Science I
COSC 052
Computer Science II
COSC 120
Computer Hardware Fundamentals
COSC 121
Computer Systems Fundamentals
COSC 125
Computational Structures
COSC 150
Advanced Programming
COSC 160
Data Structures
COSC 225
Computer Networks
COSC 235
Intro to Network Security
COSC 240
Introduction to Algorithms
COSC 252
Programming Languages
COSC 253
Handheld Device Programming
COSC 255
Operating Systems
COSC 270
Artificial Intelligence
COSC 272
Algorithms for NLP
COSC 275
Intro to Computer Graphics
COSC 280
Intro to Database
COSC 282
Big Data Analytics
COSC 285
Data Mining
COSC 287
Intro to Data Science
COSC 288
Intro to Machine Learning
COSC 300
Senior Thesis Seminar
COSC 301
Tutorial: Computer Science
COSC 302
Tutorial: Computer Science
COSC 303
Senior Thesis Research
COSC 305
Senior Thesis Seminar
COSC 306
Senior Thesis Seminar
COSC 430
Information Assurance
COSC 435
Intro to Network Security
COSC 437
Cybersecurity Seminar
COSC 438
Cybersecurity Writing Seminar
COSC 455
Image Processing
COSC 482
Statistical Machine Translatio
COSC 483
Dialogue Systems
COSC 488
Information Retrieval
COSC 520
Comp Hardware & Sys Architect
COSC 525
Advanced Networking
COSC 530
Intro to Cryptography
COSC 531
Data Privacy
COSC 535
Network Security
COSC 536
Comp Security & Voting Systems
COSC 540
COSC 544
Probabilistic Proof Systems
COSC 545
Theory of Computation
COSC 548
Streaming Algorithms
COSC 560
Real-Time Sys & Temporal Verif
COSC 572
Empirical Methods in NLP
COSC 574
Automated Reasoning
COSC 575
Machine Learning
COSC 579
Computer Vision
COSC 580
Database Management Systems
COSC 586
Text Mining & Analysis
COSC 587
Introduction to Data Analytics
COSC 588
Massive Data Fundamentals
COSC 589
Web Search and Sense-Making
COSC 672
Adv. Semantic Representation
COSC 689
Deep Reinforcement Learning
COSC 822
Dist Sys In Big Data Era
COSC 835
Doc Sem: Computer Security
COSC 841
Blockchain Theory
COSC 872
Seminar in NLP
COSC 878
Lrg Scl Stat Mach Lrng
COSC 880
Sem Information Retrieval
COSC 901
Tutorial: Computer Science
COSC 991
Continuous Registration
COSC 992
Continuous Registration
COSC 993
Continuous Registration
COSC 994
Continuous Registration
COSC 999
Thesis Research
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