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CLSS 000
Classical Studies
CLSS 110
Intro to Greek Art/Archaeology
CLSS 120
Intro to Roman Art &Archaelogy
CLSS 130
History of Ancient Greece
CLSS 135
Rise of Rome
CLSS 141
Roman History: Empire
CLSS 150
Intro to Greek Literature
CLSS 170
Intro to Mythology
CLSS 201
Classics Internship
CLSS 202
Classics Internship
CLSS 209
Ancient Greek Religion
CLSS 217
Greek Sexuality
CLSS 226
Greek City: Politics & Society
CLSS 232
The Art of Persuasion
CLSS 237
Leadership:Character, Strategy
CLSS 240
Julius Caesar: Hist and Legend
CLSS 241
Age of Augustus
CLSS 242
Intro to Roman Law
CLSS 251
Ovid's Metamorphoses
CLSS 255
Roman Architecture
CLSS 261
Greek Tragedy
CLSS 276
Drama of Greece and Rome
CLSS 284
Athletes and Heroes
CLSS 285
Slavery in Ancnt Mediterranean
CLSS 290
Science & Lit: Greece & Rome
CLSS 301
Tutorial:Classical Studies
CLSS 304
Honors Tut: Classical Studies
CLSS 345
Marketing the Roman Empire
CLSS 346
Roman Youth
CLSS 365
Monuments and Memory
CLSS 422
Speaking To Power In Antiquity
CLSS 452
CLSS 902
CLSS: Tutorial
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