CHEM 574 - Protein Folding Thermodynamics

This course will cover topics in protein structure, protein folding and the linkage between protein stability and ligand binding. The course has two parts. In the first part we will review basic concepts in protein thermodynamics, and the application of bulk calorimetric and spectroscopic methods for the analysis of protein stability and ligand binding. You will also learn how to use the software Mathematica to simulate protein unfolding processes, how to fit experimental data, and how to analyze the linkage between ligand binding and protein stability. In the second part of the course we will discuss more recent single-molecule biophysical methods to study the stability and dynamics of folding processes in individual protein molecules. Requisites: Basic concepts in thermodynamics, ligand binding and protein structure. Textbook: Will provide access to several textbooks in protein thermodynamics, protein stability and linkage theory. Spring.
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