CHEM 545 - Adv. Topics in Nano-Chemistry

This course provides fundamental understanding of technologically important nanomaterials by specifically focusing on their synthesis, properties, and applications in nanobiotechnology. The course is aimed to provide fundamental backgrounds in order to promote better understanding of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology. This course is suitable for graduate students in chemistry as well as physics and biology. Although no prerequisite is required, students should be familiar with basic concepts covered in the areas of general chemistry, physical chemistry, and general physics. The course contents include, but not limited to key concepts in solid state physics, nanomaterial synthesis, nanomaterials’ properties, and nanomaterials’ applications. Specifically, this course will focus on technologically important materials such as quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires, conductive nanorods, nanoscale polymers, and nanosized biomaterials. Fundamental properties of these nanomaterials will be emphasized. The course will also cover the details of key measurement techniques that are commonly used to characterize these 0D and 1D materials. This course will also look into current and future applications of these materials in biology and medicine by covering the operating principles of these promising techniques in nanobiotechnology.
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