CHEM 058 - Gen Chem Lab for Majors

CHEM-058 is the second semester of a two semester General Chemistry Laboratory sequence intended for chemistry and biochemistry majors. The goal of this course is to ensure that students understand how chemical concepts are discovered and used to analyze and evaluate experimental data. The experiments are designed and scheduled in such a way as to help students understand the lecture material more clearly, as well as to give students hands-on opportunity to understand difficult concepts. The lab experiments are designed to teach students techniques; expose them to instrumentation, develop their critical thinking skills and communication skills. Students will have an opportunity to investigate intermolecular forces, determine the molar mass of an unknown compound using freezing point depression, investigate the factors that affect chemical equilibrium and determine the equilibrium constant, learn how to use the titration technique to determine the concentration accurately, learn how to build an electrochemical cells and measure their potentials, predict the structures of some crystalline solids and investigate coordination compounds. Recitation is a critical part of the laboratory experience. During recitations, the experiment of the week will be discussed and students’ knowledge will be evaluated. Two hours of recitation and one three-hour laboratory per week. Concurrent: -056. Spring
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