CHEM 010 - General Chemistry Lab II

: Prior lab experience helped students in gaining familiarity with the tools and instruments utilized in the lab. In this current lab course, students hone and refine their skills and techniques. Much like the first semester in Gen Chem, working safely in the laboratory is paramount. Gen Chem lab II delves into important topics such as equilibria. The first semester introduced students to different types of chemical reactions. In the second semester, students gain a better understanding as to the determinants of reaction type. More importantly, students will gain insights into the extent (equilibria) with which reactants progress to products. The remainder of the laboratory experiments provides students with background in solid structures, electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, etc. A few examples of what students attain in this course: • Knowledge, understanding, command of introductory concepts & pinnacles of chemistry (reactions, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibria, solid structures, electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, etc.) • Skills: problem-solving, writing science reports, math, working/interacting in groups… • Hone and refine common lab techniques, practices, and safety requirements • Relating chemical concepts to the real world • Applying & innovating learned material to new or unseen situations • Ability to utilize and transfer learned ideas and techniques to upper division science courses Chem-010 is composed of two parts: lab and recitation. Students will be in the lab performing an experiment on a weekly basis. Recitation is a time where students can ask questions pertaining to the lecture portion of General Chemistry and about previous and upcoming lab experiments. Recitation meets twice a week, with one preceding the lab. Concurrent: -002. Spring. Perquisites: CHEM 001 and CHEM 009
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