CHEM 009 - General Chemistry Lab I

Coherent with the lecture course, this class aims to provide a foundation in Chemistry, specific to the laboratory experience. Where the lecture introduces, explores, and expands concepts, through a dialogue with the lecture professor; the laboratory is where the students are the active participant: performing experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, and conveying their findings through written reports. The lecture and the lab act in concert, in synergy, where the student achieves a holistic understanding of Chemistry, of science. This is the scientific process – idea, testing, refinement, and understanding/discovery. This is what scientists do, this is what professors do. All these aspects embody the knowledge and the skills students are expected to learn and master on finishing a year of Gen Chem. A few examples of what students attain in this course: • Knowledge, understanding, command of introductory concepts & pinnacles of chemistry (reactions, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, atomic theory, etc.) • Skills: problem-solving, writing science reports, math, working/interacting in groups… • Acquire and develop common lab techniques, practices, and safety requirements • Relating chemical concepts to the real world • Applying & innovating learned material to new or unseen situations • Ability to utilize and transfer learned ideas and techniques to upper division science courses Chem-009 is composed of two parts: lab and recitation. Students will be in the lab performing an experiment on a weekly basis. The first lab period focuses on check-in and safety, which is first and foremost the most important. Recitation is a time where students can ask questions pertaining to the lecture portion of General Chemistry and about previous and upcoming lab experiments. Recitation meets twice a week, with one preceding the lab. Concurrent: 001. Fall.
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