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CCTP 000
Communication, Culture & Tech
CCTP 505
Intro CCT: Inter Prob & Method
CCTP 506
Fundamentals of Technology
CCTP 533
CCT Internship
CCTP 584
Documentary Video Prod
CCTP 585
Journalism& Politics of Terror
CCTP 590
Global History Comps& Internet
CCTP 591
Free Speech: Media & New Tech
CCTP 599
Digital Game Studio
CCTP 600
Political Campgns & Comm Strt
CCTP 604
Emp Rsrch: CivicEd Digital Age
CCTP 605
Intro To Digital Animation
CCTP 606
Archival Methd: Rights to Info
CCTP 607
Big Ideas: AI to the Cloud
CCTP 609
Future Corporate Comm
CCTP 610
Tech for Political Change
CCTP 611
Systemic Design & UX
CCTP 612
Fan Ethnographies
CCTP 614
International News Mass Media
CCTP 615
New Media & Txts Acr Cultures
CCTP 616
Crisis Communications
CCTP 617
Interaction Design
CCTP 619
Sustainability:Thry & Practice
CCTP 623
Remix Practices
CCTP 628
Arcade Theory
CCTP 630
Rhetoric of War & Conflict
CCTP 635
Critical Studies in Journalism
CCTP 636
Creative Industr: Reinvention
CCTP 637
Soc Media: Cltr Ideol Mid East
CCTP 642
Content Analysis
CCTP 643
Political Socialization
CCTP 648
Emerging Tech & the Human Body
CCTP 655
Media Production Lab
CCTP 656
Global Science Fiction Film
CCTP 658
Digital Law and Policy
CCTP 659
Graphic Design Studies
CCTP 671
Interntl Relations In Info Age
CCTP 675
Communities Of Practice
CCTP 685
Survey Research Methods
CCTP 691
Break & (Re)Build Trust News
CCTP 696
Social Network Analysis
CCTP 701
AI and the Future of Work
CCTP 702
Creative Web Development
CCTP 704
Gender/Sexuality/The Body
CCTP 708
Int/Compar Privacy & Surveill
CCTP 709
Intellectual Property
CCTP 710
Journalistic Content Prod
CCTP 711
Semiotics & Cognitive Techs
CCTP 721
Critical Theory & Cont Media
CCTP 730
CCTP 736
Digital Rsrch: New Ways
CCTP 745
Comm Tech/Organizations
CCTP 748
Media Theory & Meaning Systems
CCTP 751
Technology & Critique
CCTP 752
Comm Theory/Frameworks Standar
CCTP 757
Media & Amer Elections
CCTP 761
Global Internet &Freedm of Exp
CCTP 764
Expressive Computation
CCTP 767
New Media & Politics
CCTP 770
Statistical Methodology
CCTP 773
Competition Policy in Tech
CCTP 799
Governing Emerging Techs
CCTP 802
Art and Media Interfaced
CCTP 804
Adv Stats Analysis
CCTP 806
Prod Devt in New Digital Age
CCTP 808
Qual Methods in Comm Research
CCTP 810
Foresight Methods and Practice
CCTP 820
Leading by Design
CCTP 821
Intrctve Techs Cultur Heritage
CCTP 850
Digital Presnce &Strat Persuas
CCTP 901
CCTP 902
Tutorial: CCTP
CCTP 979
Thesis Colloquium
CCTP 991
Continuous Registration
CCTP 992
Continuous Registration
CCTP 993
Continuous Registration
CCTP 994
Continuous Registration
CCTP 999
Thesis Research
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