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BIOT 502
Biotech Capstone Intrnshp
BIOT 509
Intro to Biotech Industry
BIOT 510
Entrepreneurial Biotechnology
BIOT 516
Molecular Medicine
BIOT 520
Financial Matrix in Biotech
BIOT 523
Intellectual Property
BIOT 527
Food Biotechnology
BIOT 538
Biotechnology Internship
BIOT 543
Curr Good Mfg Prac for Biotech
BIOT 550
Management Strats: Biotech
BIOT 551
Commercialization:Biotech Ind
BIOT 552
Marketing Applications:Biotech
BIOT 555
Government, Science& Tech Mgmt
BIOT 557
Strategic Leadership:Sci &Tech
BIOT 559
New Frontiers of Biotechnology
BIOT 560
Fund.Cell&TissueCult. Biot Ind
BIOT 566
Drug Dev. to Post Approval
BIOT 568
Principles of Business Dev
BIOT 590
Intro Biotechnology Internship
BIOT 602
Intro: Tools Entrepreneurship
BIOT 604
Intership BioT Entrprenersips
BIOT 610
3D Culture, Drug Discov
BIOT 643
FDA Case Studies
BIOT 651
Adv.Strat. in Commercializaton
BIOT 690
Intro to Entrprnrshp Intrnshp
BIOT 703
Convrs Engl for Int'l Students
BIOT 800
Spec.Top: Adv. Biotech Reading
BIOT 801
Portfolio & Project Management
BIOT 902
Entrepren & Venture Cap in HC
BIOT 991
Continuous Registration
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