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BCHB 102
The Human Body:Health/Disease
BCHB 501
Biochem & Cellular Sciences
BCHB 503
Biochemistry Journal Club
BCHB 504
Biochemistry Journal Club
BCHB 506
Reading Scientific Papers
BCHB 507
Lab Applications of Biotech
BCHB 508
Lab Applications of Biochem
BCHB 511
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BCHB 513
Core Concepts:Biochemistry
BCHB 514
Intro to Bioinformatics
BCHB 515
Intro To Bioinformatics
BCHB 519
Medical Toxicology
BCHB 521
BCHB 522
Drug Targets/Drug Design
BCHB 524
Bioinformatics Computing
BCHB 525
BCHB 526
Core Methods In Biotechnology
BCHB 528
Modern Methods/Molecular Biol
BCHB 529
Biotech Based Human Diagnostic
BCHB 531
DNA Damage, Repair & Hmn Thrpy
BCHB 535
Programmed Cell Death
BCHB 536
Cell Culture Appls: Biotech
BCHB 537
Protein Prod. & Bioprocessing
BCHB 538
Biotech Research Internship
BCHB 539
Basic Laboratory Safety
BCHB 540
Molecular Basis:Carcinogenesis
BCHB 541
Structural Biology
BCHB 544
Essntls Biochem: Metabolism
BCHB 545
Essentials/Prog Cell Death
BCHB 546
Principles of Tissue Culture
BCHB 548
Core Concepts Of Molecular Bio
BCHB 549
Basic Radiation Safety
BCHB 554
Research Ethics & Integrity
BCHB 560
Molecular/Cellular Physio
BCHB 561
BCHB 565
Sexual Developmnt/Reproductn
BCHB 569
Essentials: Med. Toxicology
BCHB 570
Intro Biochemistry Internship
BCHB 571
Genomic Sequence Analysis
BCHB 572
Protein Sequence Analysis
BCHB 573
Bioinformatics Sem Series I
BCHB 574
Bioinformatics Sem Series II
BCHB 575
Immunotechniques in Biochem
BCHB 576
Core Methods of Biochemistry
BCHB 577
BioChem: Case Approach
BCHB 579
Gene Silencing & GenomeEditing
BCHB 580
Systems Biol/Bioinformatics
BCHB 581
Transc: Transcrp Data Analysis
BCHB 582
Proteomics: Mass Spec Data Anl
BCHB 583
Systems Biology: Pathway & Net
BCHB 584
C++ Programming:Bioformatics 1
BCHB 585
C++ Programming:Bioinformtcs 2
BCHB 586
Mol. Bio for Bioinf.
BCHB 587
Bioinf. Internship Proposal
BCHB 588
Bioinf Internship Prep.
BCHB 589
Annotation/Knowledgebase Dev
BCHB 599
Nxt Gen Sequen Data Analysis
BCHB 601
Topics in Biochem/Mol Biol
BCHB 607
Research Applications: Biotech
BCHB 620
Bioinformatics Algorithms
BCHB 697
Databases for Bioinformatics
BCHB 701
Sem: Biochemistry
BCHB 703
Data Presentation
BCHB 710
Scientific Writing
BCHB 713
Principles of Biochemistry
BCHB 810
Career Dev&Leadership Training
BCHB 907
Bioinformatics Internship
BCHB 910
Biochem/Molec/Cell Biol Intrns
BCHB 912
Sci Education Community Outrch
BCHB 986
BCHB Lab Rotation Fall
BCHB 987
BCHB Lab Rotation Spring
BCHB 991
Continuous Registration
BCHB 992
Continuous Registration
BCHB 993
Continuous Registration
BCHB 994
Continuous Registration
BCHB 999
Thesis Research
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