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ASST 001
Introductory Hindi I
ASST 011
Intensive 1st Level Hindi I
ASST 012
Intensive 1st Level Hindi II
ASST 021
Intermediate Hindi I
ASST 022
Intermediate Hindi II
ASST 404
Religion in Modern South Asia
ASST 444
Asia and the Pacific Islands
ASST 504
Topics: Modern Korean History
ASST 509
Imperialism/Colonialism: Asia
ASST 511
Intl Pol Econ: Asia
ASST 516
Risk, Markets & Natl Security
ASST 520
Growth:Chinese Military Power
ASST 524
Chinese Politics
ASST 525
Korea and the World
ASST 526
Pacific Empires
ASST 529
Congressional Pwr &Asia Policy
ASST 530
Illicit Economies in Asia
ASST 531
Sovereign Risk and Asia
ASST 532
China's Economy
ASST 533
Ethnic Politics
ASST 534
Negotiation in Asia
ASST 535
Pol of Nuclear Weapons: E Asia
ASST 536
Korea-Japan Relations
ASST 540
ASST 541
Asia's Nationalisms
ASST 550
Korean Politics
ASST 551
Conflict & Order in SE Asia
ASST 553
Korea & The World Powers
ASST 581
Sports, Politics, Dev: Asia
ASST 668
Theory/Policy in Asia
ASST 701
Chinese Foreign Policy
ASST 705
Chinese Politics in Comp Persp
ASST 706
Explor Limits of SE Asia Diplo
ASST 708
Trnsnt'l, Migr & Ctzen:E Asia
ASST 711
Politics & Societies:SE Asia
ASST 715
Japan's Domestic Politics
ASST 716
Intl Relations of SE Asia
ASST 718
Transnat'l Pol & History: Asia
ASST 720
Fund Dynamics:US-China Relatio
ASST 730
ASST 750
Thesis Sem: Asian Studies
ASST 901
Tutorial: Asian Studies
ASST 991
Continuous Registration
ASST 992
Continuous Registration
ASST 993
Continuous Registration
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