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ARTH 000
Art History
ARTH 101
Ancient to Medieval Art
ARTH 102
Renaissance to Modern Art
ARTH 122
Art/Arch of Med/Early Ren Ital
ARTH 123
Art in the Courts of Ren Italy
ARTH 127
Art/Patronage:16th-17thc Italy
ARTH 140
Modern Art
ARTH 153
American Art
ARTH 171
Buddhist Art
ARTH 220
Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 222
Art & Architecture:Ren Venice
ARTH 228
Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 230
Baroque Art & Architecture
ARTH 235
History of Prints
ARTH 236
Dutch Art/Age of Rembrandt
ARTH 244
French Art
ARTH 245
19th Century Art
ARTH 248
German Art: Romantic to Weimar
ARTH 250
Modern Architecture 1750-2000
ARTH 251
American Architecture
ARTH 255
Global Contemporary Art
ARTH 256
History of Photography
ARTH 263
Pre-Columbian Art & Arch
ARTH 273
East Asian Painting
ARTH 352
Intro to Museum Studies
ARTH 353
Exiles and Diasporas
ARTH 354
African-American Art & Culture
ARTH 355
Global Contemporary Art
ARTH 365
Latin Amer Art & Architecture
ARTH 402
On Painting
ARTH 404
Monuments and Memorials
ARTH 411
Icons and Iconoclasm
ARTH 426
ARTH 428
Bosch, Bruegel, and Life
ARTH 431
Museum Architecture
ARTH 432
Globalization, Terror, and Art
ARTH 440
ARTH 441
Colonialism & Art of Race
ARTH 444
Art and Poetry
ARTH 446
Gender and Modern Art
ARTH 448
World War I And The Artists
ARTH 458
ARTH 461
The American Landscape
ARTH 462
DC: Architecture and City
ARTH 467
Arts of Zen Buddhism
ARTH 470
Museum Fieldwork:Dir Study
ARTH 490
Senior Thesis Art History
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