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ARST 220
Adv Arabic Writing/Composition
ARST 318
US Foreign Policy & The Gulf
ARST 321
Prison Literature
ARST 328
US Foreign Policy in Arab ME
ARST 331
Adv Arabic Topic: Syrian Rev
ARST 340
Academic Topics in Arabic
ARST 341
Arab Politics thrgh Literature
ARST 367
CLab:Devt/Displacment:Arab Wrl
ARST 368
CLab: Devt & Displacement IFW
ARST 401
Understanding the Arab World
ARST 402
Arab Studies Cert Capstone
ARST 441
Islamic Movements
ARST 452
Oral Hist/Document. Filmmaking
ARST 457
China-Arab Relations
ARST 461
Politics Of North Africa
ARST 464
Ethnic/Rel Minorities: MidEast
ARST 468
The US and the Palestinians
ARST 476
Politics of Mod MidEastern Art
ARST 488
Water in MENA:Local Pract/Pol
ARST 492
The Arabian Peninsula
ARST 500
20th c History of Middle East
ARST 501
Intro to Study of Arab World
ARST 509
Palestine and the Global South
ARST 515
Sectarianism: Middle East
ARST 516
Literature of Syria
ARST 518
Culture & Society: Arab World
ARST 521
Prison Literature
ARST 523
Displacement in the Arab World
ARST 528
History and Politics of Iraq
ARST 529
Media & the Arab World
ARST 532
Women&Gender in Arab World
ARST 533
Refugees: Mideast & N. Africa
ARST 536
Popular Activism: North Africa
ARST 543
ARST 546
Water Politics
ARST 561
Politics of North Africa
ARST 564
Political Economy: Middle East
ARST 571
Oil and Politics
ARST 573
Comp ArabCivil-Military Relatn
ARST 578
ARST 580
Pol & Econ of Authoritarianism
ARST 581
Arab Politics thrgh Literature
ARST 611
Education in MENA: Knowldg&Pol
ARST 612
Issues in Educatn/Devt:MENA
ARST 619
International Relations: ME
ARST 625
Comp Politics of Middle East
ARST 629
Environmental Security/Conflct
ARST 640
Development in Arab World
ARST 647
Politics of Syria
ARST 895
Thesis Workshop
ARST 901
Tutorial: Arab Studies
ARST 902
Arab Studies: Tutorial
ARST 905
ARST Internship
ARST 991
Continuous Registration
ARST 999
Thesis Research
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